The Way You Make Me Feel

You feel smooth

And soft

Against my skin

I still remember

The taste of you

In my mouth

Every time I see you

My heart beats a little faster

As you seduce me

My mouth waters with anticipation

I take a deep breath

You smell so good

I can’t resist any longer

And I just can’t wait anymore

I want you now

Why are you taking so long to cook?

I’ve been craving peas all week

And as I think all this

I realize they’re cooked

And I’m going to have a great meal

There’s a very good explanation as to why I am writing a poem about peas (no I didn’t finally lose my mind as everyone expected). To understand this story you need to know that I love peas so much I could probably live on nothing but peas but with that same passion I hate carrots. My friend who shall remain nameless (her) hates peas and loves carrots so when we got into an argument about which vegetable is obviously superior to the other (yes we have nothing better to do than fight about vegetables, and peas are obviously the best vegetable) she told me “if you like them so much maybe you should write a poem about them” and I told her “fine challenge accepted.” So here is the poem and now I am challenging her to write one about carrots unless of course she is ready to admit defeat…

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17 thoughts on “The Way You Make Me Feel

  1. The one time I cannot relate to your poem 😀 BTW It’s smoothness and softness (and smell and taste) is what makes peas so… eew

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