Book Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary

*Warning: Contains Spoilers*

“I like you very much, just as you are”


I had been meaning to read Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding for a while now and I finally just got a chance to read it. Well I have a small confession to make- I haven’t finished the whole book yet because I had to revise for a history test I had today but I am almost done so I decided to write the review anyway.

Bridget Jones is a very, very relatable character who is mildly obsessed with her co-worker Daniel, smokes too much and has some self-esteem problems. She has a sort of out of control life and sometimes makes some horrible decisions. Her mother is one of those typical posh, controlling types who’s always gossiping or asking about when she’s going to get some grandchildren. Her father is more of a quiet, just-go-with-it type.

In the beginning we realize that Bridget has made some quite amusing resolutions for the New Year but is unfortunately forced to spend it with her parents and their annoyingly curious friends who try to hook her up with a Mr. Darcy who ironically spends most of the night standing on his own scrutinizing the contents of the bookshelf.

She however fancies Daniel who the reader can tell is a player and seems to be a jerk but she is oblivious to his flaws (as we all are at some point). Meanwhile her parents separate and her mother tries to experiment with more men and gets a job. Her father on the other hand is devastated and calls her way too often to moan about his life. Her friends on the other hand are quite amusing too. Soon we find out none of their lives are all that perfect either.


Bridget Jones’s Diary may not have complex language, it may not have a great deal of linguistic and literary features and it may be simply written however this is still one of the greatest books I have ever read. The level of humour and sarcasm is off the charts. It is going to have you laughing from the first page. It’s also very realistic and can actually be very serious at times. And it really does discuss important things about life, just with a hint of humour. It is really down to earth and everyone can fit in Bridget’s shoes because we’ve all been there.

I would really, really encourage everyone to read this book. Bridget Jones’s Diary is one of the finest books I have read in a long time. And it is one the few books that has actually got me laughing aloud.

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