My Imperfections

The scars on my hands and legs

Remind me that I’m a fighter

That I can make it through anything

That I can survive the worst and make my way back

The stretch marks on my body

Remind me that I’m an adult

And not all change is bad

Because this one sure wasn’t

The marks on my knees

Remind me of a time when I was younger

When I wasn’t afraid to fall down

Because at least I was walking

The dark circles under my eyes

Remind me that to achieve your goals

You have to work night and day without stopping

Because in the end it will be worth it

The blisters on my feet

Remind me that even though you may take the wrong path

Eventually you’ll find the right one

You just have to keep walking

“My Imperfections” is about loving your flaws and not letting them get to you. Every mark on your body has a story behind it and you need to embrace them. Just as I hope to embrace my imperfections I hope you do too.

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