Inspirational Quotes About Change

As you probably know I am almost done with high school now and am going to be going to university soon which is really exciting. As you can imagine, there are quite a few major changes happening in my life. Things seem to be changing very fast right now. I am very excited for the changes. But I am also somewhat scared… okay I am terrified. I love change but it also scares me. Sometimes we get so used to our lives that anything different can be terrifying. I know that these changes will lead to some amazing things. However, stepping out of my comfort zone can still be scary. So I started reading some quotes about change.

I find that inspirational quotes always make me feel better. They can be really uplifting and I try to read them when I am nervous or anxious. So I decided to share some quotes about change with all of you today since I am a bit scared right now but also excited:

I hope these quotes about change brightens your day like it did mine!

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