Do You Like It Or Do You Need It?

The thrill

The danger

The cold sweat

Dripping from your chin

The adrenaline rush

The raw ferocity

The slight shake of your fingers

And your legs

The fear

The guilt

The regret

As you close your eyes

The passion

The small smile

The satisfaction

That you so desperately crave

“Do You Like It Or Do You Need It” is a poem about our wants and needs. It’s about passion and how we often crave it. Sometimes the bad makes things better. Knowing something is wrong can make it more fun. For more poetry feel free to click the link below. And do let me know what you think of this poem. I know it is maybe a little bit different than what you generally see on Lifesfinewhine. My poetry is definitely a bit different generally. However, I thought I would change things up and share this instead. Let me know what you thought about the change in themes for “Do You Like It Or Do You Need It”

If you want to read more poetry click here.

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24 thoughts on “Do You Like It Or Do You Need It?

    1. Thanks and sorry but I don’t know whose work it is. I just really loved it so I decided to use it for the post 🙂

      1. It appears through my research into the name at the lower right hand corner of the piece the artist is Evelina Pentcheva of Enigmatic Photography. Amazing work! Oh, I like your writing as well. Visceral…really works together with the image!

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