Funny Inspirational Quotes #2

Since everyone seemed to really enjoy the first post with Funny Inspirational Quotes I decided to do another one! As I mentioned on my last post, I love reading funny inspirational quotes. I just feel like they hit better than regular inspirational quotes. Something about humour really gets the point across. They make you laugh but they also have a lot of truth to them.

Do you enjoy funny inspirational quotes? Are you someone who prefers funnier quotes like these or do you prefer regular inspirational quotes? What are your favourite quotes or your favourite quote from these? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. And feel free to share your favourite quote in the comments.

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Image result for funny inspirational quotes

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46 thoughts on “Funny Inspirational Quotes #2

  1. PoojaG,
    People come to my blog for the real serious stuff and your blog if they want a laugh, the best of both wolds, love your sense of humor on these quotes!
    The banana one , LMAO it wasn’t hilarious , but for some reason it was the one to make me laugh the most after the prince charming one XD


    1. Hahahaha yeah that one was like an anti-joke it was so not hilarious that it was actually funny! I really liked the taco/nacho joke too

          1. Yes, lol some blue dude and a orange fish that talks and walks.. it is funny as hell! shame, yes I watched cartoons and I am 24 , shh. don’t tell anyone! The banana character in it, makes me laugh.. lol

            1. Hahahaha seems hilarious! I’ll watch it and tell you what I think about it although it sounds awesome already! Hahahaha in four years I’m going to be a 24 year old watching cartoons too

                1. Lol I watched it and I totally love it! I’m definitely going to start watching it regularly!!
                  Well I’m nineteen at the moment but I’m going to turn 20 really soon. Unfortunately I happen to share a birthday with Hitler I think in the US you guys finish high school earlier then us cos we do the British system here. Lol or do I just look that young and beautiful??

                  1. Hahaha YOU JUST LOOK THAT YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL! lol. I thought you were a newborn baby when I first started talking to you! XD jk
                    I didn’t know your birthday is the same as Hitlers, that is very interesting.

                    1. Hahahaha thanks! I know I’m gorgeous and amazing lol jk
                      Yeah it’s like a creepy coincidence that I found out about when I started learning about the Nazi’s!

                    2. How does it make you feel having a special birthday? lol. I hope you don’t plan on becoming a Hitler part 2.. now I am scared.. what if you are his child.. lol.

                    3. Yeah I mean it’s sad that they’re dead but on the other hand I guess we don’t really want to have Hitler’s descendants amongst us. Although Hitler’s grandchildren are still alive if I’m not wrong

                    4. Don’t worry they all decided not to procreate to so as to stop the bloodline. However there is still a Nazi movement which is still going on in the world which is what is kind of terrifying

                    5. They did? Wow, that is a huge decision. A good decision though, I suppose. We still have a Nazi movement? that is scary. I didn’t know this.

                    6. Yeah the Nazi movement still exists and it’s still has quite a lot of support from what I’ve heard. Actually I’m pretty sure there are quite a few Nazi’s and Nazi supporters in the US. At least that’s what I’ve read

                    7. Yes, we have them here, but didn’t really the movement was still going. I figured it was just a small group of people who were racist and wanted nothing more than to relive their ancestors crimes. The fact people support this movement is really what gets me, like people.. it is 2016. open your mind.. and think outside the box.. we need to get it together.

                    8. Yeah that’s what makes me really sad too. I mean how do all these racist groups have so much support. It’s sad that people still have such narrow-minded views in this day and age.

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