So recently I had been going through a kind of writer’s block but I have been trying to work on it and I’ve been making myself write at least a page every day which I think has really helped. And recently I have come up with a bunch of new ideas for topics to write on but if you guys have any topics you would like me to talk about please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to write about them!

I have found that when I need some help or a push in the right direction, it’s best to ask WordPress for some help. This community is super helpful. And the best part is we are all content creators whether we consider ourselves writers or not. That means this space is filled with so many amazing ideas and topics. That is exactly why I thought I would put this post out there and simply ask you guys for some help finding new topics.

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29 thoughts on “Ideas!!

  1. I’ve been grabbing titles and subtitles from the NY Times (newspaper) and creating poetry. This week though I took a slew of different lines and tossed them together randomly and created a story around those lines kind of like using keywords but with whole phrases. It opens your thought process in so many different ways. Try it you might find success in looking at your work differently.

    1. Also you can look at it in another way is that “situations are neutral they’re only good or bad based on the person’s perception” I think my friend told me that one time. So if we begin to change how we see things that happening on the inside things on the outside begin to change also. It then changes from being writer’s block to being something you just haven’t thought of as of yet. And I’m sure once you get it it’s going to be an awesome idea that you’re going to say where did that come from? It came all from you.

      1. Yeah I can so agree with that because when I was going through my writers block I couldn’t think of anything and I felt like my mind was just refusing to work but then suddenly I had this amazing idea that I had been searching for my whole life and it was just there right in front of me! 🙂

  2. I am in a draught myself, at least when it comes to my poetry. I HATE being forced to write based on prompts or other outside influences. I know that sounds kinda stupid, but if I can’t come up with something from my heart or head, I just assume not write.

    1. Yes exactly I am like that too! I need to have the idea myself and I need to feel it and be satisfied with my writing or else I feel like it’s not worth publishing! I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time writing too but I have to admit it’s nice to know someone understands what I’m going through

  3. Hi Pooja. Inkdrop Calling. Ever thought of using one of the prompts from the daily post on your blog ? there’s plenty to go at and they cover a wide variety of subject matter.

    Secondly – how about taking up a challenge – I’m currently working through the spectrum of colours from the Colouryourworld challenge – don’t worry that you haven’t started on day 1 – you can drop in and out of the challenge as you please!

    Need Inspiration ? As always – drop into my site – theres plenty to go at!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. I’ve never thought about what I write, I simply just write the moment something twings in my brain, and take it from there. You may reveal more about yourself than you need to, but those spontaneous moments is where the beauty lies, because it’s where the emotion is embedded, good luck x

    1. Hmmm that’s a really interesting suggestion actually because one of my biggest problems when it comes to writing in my own opinion is that I have an unfortunate tendency to overthink everything and then by the end of it I don’t want to post it anymore. Maybe I should try to be more spontaneous. Thanks! 🙂

      1. Haha I know exactly how you feel I’m an over thinker and could never plan it out as I would have to plan every detail, until the point I get frustrated and the block kicks in, so if I have a thought or emotion at the time I just flow with that x

        1. Yeah I think a lot of writers have a similar problem but I really like your idea of just writing whatever you’re feeling at the moment 🙂

  5. You can do one thing…write anything, whatever comes to your mind. I also had one such phase a few weeks ago. To read what I had written during that time you can look into Exile under the Anthology at my blog Thoughts of Words…hope my advice will suit you and you’ll soon out of your block…

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