The Girl With The Butterfly Tattoo

She stood there looking bored

The first thing I noticed about her

Was the butterfly tattoo on her wrist

Right below her scars

She looked so consumed by pain

And yet so radiant with life

I wanted to reach out

But didn’t know how

I wish I could tell her she was not alone

That I too had been there

I wish I could show her my scars

And let her know that they are not just healed wounds

But trophies of survival

“The Girl With The Butterfly Tattoo” is a poem I recently came up with. The title is of course inspired by the famous book (and later movie), Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This poem was inspired by real life events. And the girl with the butterfly tattoo is based on a girl I met recently. I could feel her pain, a pain I too had felt. A pain that led me to having the same scars as she did.

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49 thoughts on “The Girl With The Butterfly Tattoo

  1. A good read! Beautiful use of contradictory images — ‘butterfly’ and ‘scars’, ‘so consumed by pain

    And yet so radiant with life’, add to the charm and appeal of the poem.

  2. Being human often means that you will reach out to someone that you don’t know.

  3. I read, a well-written expression of the feeling of wanting to reach out but don’t how to approach the person.

    Percy and I thank you for liking “England In 1819”!

  4. Powerful!
    I’ve often felt the same, wondering what I could say or do. Mostly all I can think to give is a smile whenever the opportunity arises.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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