Six Word Story #10

Six Word Story:

Nothing is real, nothing ever was.

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34 thoughts on “Six Word Story #10

  1. I’m about to study Philosophy at Uni, so I love this kind of thing. You’re kinda touching on solipsism, which is a really interesting concept 🙂

    1. Ooh that’s really interesting! I’m taking Philosophy at university too (starting September) so I hope I learn about that!

      1. No way that’s awesome! I start this October – I wanted to choose a subject I enjoyed and I think Philosophy is just fab – I’m sure we’ll both love it

        1. Oh wow that’s so cool! Yeah I think Philosophy will be super fun although I’m not majoring in it- I’m majoring in History!

          1. I loved History at school – I think it’s quite closely linked to Philosophy in lots of ways, so I’m sure you’ll get the best of worlds in your studies 🙂

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