Finally An Update!

So, I have an update for you guys. I have finally selected all my courses and decided which subjects I’m going to take this year! I just wanted to keep you guys posted about what’s going on with my university process currently.

So I have to take one social science credit, one science credit and any two elective credits. I have decided to take Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology and Earth Science. And of course I have to take one credit for History which is what my major is.

Earth Science is about the planet and stuff to do with it which sounded like so much fun to learn because I am already interested in all that!

I wanted to take English Literature and German too but unfortunately they were clashing with other subjects I am taking so I couldn’t take them but maybe next year! I also wanted to do Political Science but that was clashing too and the first year courses seemed kind of lame so I’ll take it next year!

Did you ever do any of those subjects in university and if so let me know in the comments what they were like! Hope you enjoy this little update!

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48 thoughts on “Finally An Update!

  1. Good for you! Do well, give it your best.

    On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 10:42 AM, lifesfinewhine wrote:

    > PoojaG posted: “So I have finally selected all my courses and decided > which subjects I’m going to take this year! I just wanted to keep you guys > posted about what’s going on with my university process currently. So I > have to take one social science credit, one science” >

  2. Sounds great! Well, I studied Psychology (BA and MA), so I’m sure it will be something you’ll enjoy (hopefully, they won’t torture you with statistics too much) 🙂 Good luck!

    1. Yeah I know I’ll love Psychology because I already did 2 years of it in school and I loved it so much! I hated the statistic part though- math just isn’t for me!

  3. Hi Pooja!

    Those classes sound like so much fun. I wanted to take German, too, but it also clashed with other classes. I’m in my last year, though, so it looks like I’m out of luck. I’m going to be taking stuff for my major and minor though, so it’s okay!

    1. Hi!!
      Urghh that sucks! I’ll try to take German next year because I’m already learning German on my own so it’s okay if I don’t do it this year. Maybe you can still learn a bit of German? I wanted to minor in Political Science but I decided against it in the end. What are you majoring/minoring in?

    1. Thank you so much!! Yeah all the subjects are those that I’m really into already and enjoy so I think I’ll enjoy them.

  4. I did earth science, it was really informative about the earth mainly, a little bit on the universe and the forces in action within and beyond.

        1. That’s good to hear! I’m not good at any other Science and I have to pick at least one Science credit so I’m glad I chose this.

  5. I took psych courses, Pooja. I really enjoyed learning about the theories of the past and how the brain develops as we age. Wishing you all the best with your education!

  6. Congrats on getting all your classes sorted out and chosen, that is one weight lifted on your shoulders for sure. Usually the first year of college they make you choose courses that will be helpful for your major but not for your major – if that makes sense. I have taken political science before and didn’t enjoy it but it could be at the time I didn’t care or maybe the professor and I didn’t do well in the class and I don’t remember much from that class. I have taken psychology, many different ones and even got accepted into a psychology club because of my grades during college – which I declined the offer because I didn’t think it would be beneficial for me since it wasn’t my major. I took sociology in high school instead of college and enjoyed it greatly and did well in that class, also I took Philosophy my last semester of college and I liked my professor so I did well in it and it was very interesting, a harder class because you have to use critical thinking but easy as well because I was allowed to have my own views and perspectives. I am wishing you well for the first year!
    Also have you thought about how you will plan your blogging around your classes?


    1. Thank you! Yes it’s a big weight off my shoulder actually and I’m glad to have finished it.
      Honestly, I’m glad didn’t take Political Science because the first year courses seemed a little boring because I had already learnt about it before but maybe I’ll take one I’m interested in some other time. I am pretty set on what I believe in and what I stand for when it comes to politics so I don’t think I would enjoy all of it. Psychology is just so interesting so I’m really looking forward to it! Yeah it makes sense that you didn’t join the club because it didn’t have much to do with your major.
      I wanted to take Sociology in High School but my school didn’t offer it so I took Law instead which I enjoyed when we learnt about Criminal Law, Human Rights, and Environmental Law but Public Law was so boring I used to read books in class to stop myself from falling asleep. But I’m glad I took it because I learnt a lot about my rights and how unfair the law can be. I think I’m going to love Philosophy because I love discussing and learning about new schools of thought. I think History teaches you about life but Philosophy teaches you how to live which is why I thought it would be a good idea to take it. Thank you!! Feel free to visit if you’re ever in the Niagara region or even if you need a change of air and want to see Canada!
      Yeah I think I’m going to need to do some posts in advance because I don’t think I’ll have as much time to blog and I don’t have a lot of classes on Wednesday and Friday so I’ll try to take some time out to blog then. I might not blog for the first week I’m there because I don’t know if I’ll have WiFi or not. It’ll be tough but I am not going to give up blogging!

      1. Alright, sounds wonderful!
        I am glad you will keep blogging but don’t allow it to interrupt your education because we will understand that you have studies and not to mention you will probably want to explore the campus and the surrounding area some and that is fine too. I want you to have a good first year experience and I might have to stop by the Niagara area, I hear it is beautiful. I think I have a friend taking a trip there soon.


        1. Yeah I’m not going to freak out if I can’t blog as much or be as active as I am right now because right now my education is really important to me and that’s what I need to put all my effort into!
          Yeah I want to see Niagara Falls and a few cities close by like Toronto and Montreal! And I want to visit my friends in Canada.
          It is so beautiful I already love it! There is so much to see and so many places to visit! You should definitely stop by and check it out and see what Canada’s like (it may inspire you to move 😂).

  7. I think you made some good choices because imo you can always just read literature whenever you feel so inspired. Do you really need some guy or gal telling you what you should be getting out of it? Also, English Lit. courses in Canada tend to be so crammed with books, you are expected to read at least a novel a week. Along with all your other studies, that can be a lot. I never took Lit. in Canada but a friend of mine did. And I remember her complaining about it. And reading a lot.

    I’m not sure where you are going to school as I haven’t been to your blog in a while. But I extend a big warm welcome! Hold onto it for the winter… 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yeah I guess that’s a good thing then because I really don’t think I’ll have enough time to read that much. Yeah that’s what I thought too because I can read and write whenever I want but I don’t think I’ll have a chance to do the other subjects again!

      Haha thanks I’m going to St. Catherines (brock University)! I hope I don’t freeze 😂

      1. I think you’ll really like that. A great location! Lots of open air and nature but close enuf to Cdn. cities and the US to get an urban culture fix. I’m excited and I’m not even the one going! 🙂 Must be cos I did my M.A. in India and had a fabulous time. It’s a good thing to travel overseas for grad studies. And at your age, a great time to do it. 🙂

        1. Hahah thanks! I’m super excited too! Yeah I think I’ll definitely have a good time and yes it’s always a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and live in a new place for a while. Did you like India? I’ve never been there but I want to visit someday!

  8. Whoops forgot to mention that I’m self teaching myself Spanish. It’s so hard but it’s the easiest thing to learn for English speakers (I thing), great luck learning that new language! It’s a HUGE commitment but I’m sure you can do it!

    1. Ooh good luck with that! Spanish sounds so fun to learn! German is really similar to English too so it’s not that hard to learn if you’re good at English.

  9. India basically helped to transform my life. It wasn’t perfect but what is? So where are you now, Africa? I imagine you’re not in Germany because I don think three swear words would be quite enough to keep you going! 😁

    1. Yeah I’m in Africa right now. Haha I know a lot more German now but it’s still not enough for me to speak completely fluently!

      1. You and Gandhi… you’re in good company. I’m sure you’ll make a splash! Incidentally, when I went to Cdn. university you could sit in on extra courses for the first week and make changes to your enrollment if some didn’t seem like a good fit. So there is some flexibility—or at least, there should be. I’ve been out of the academic system since 1997…

        I remember a lot of Indian students in India studying German. I guess there’s lots of scholarships available for that country. Myself, I was under the auspices of the Commonwealth Scholarship. It was great. I was dual funded… Indian and Cdn. gov’t! 🙂

        1. Thanks!! Ooh that’s so cool I was actually born in 1997!
          Yeah Germany has a lot to offer for foreign students and I definitely want to go there at some point even if it’s not to learn. I just really want to see Germany!

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