My Visa Update

I just wanted to let you guys know that I got my Visa (yayyyy!!) so I’ll probably be travelling soon! I really can’t wait for this new adventure to begin!

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58 thoughts on “My Visa Update

    1. Thanks Shay-lon!! Yeah I was surprised how fast I got it too! It only took about a week but I think it’s because they wanted to finish as many as possible before the elections so they gave mine quickly.
      I can’t wait to have a lot of adventures!!

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  1. Are you flying to Toronto? If so, the first part of the drive might not be very scenic bcos they’ve walled up the westbound 401 to reduce noise for nearby homes. Take heart, it will get pretty further along! (If you take that route, that is). ☺

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      1. I guess I’m remembering when I first landed in Mumbai (then Bombay). It was night and I was traumatized! Well not quite but it was surreal, to say the least. By the time I’d settled in and made friends, I joked with people that I had had 99 Indian lives, one Canadian!

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