My Classes And Joining A Club

Today I decided to share my classes and what club I decided to join at university. I’m really enjoying these classes and excited about the club.

Philosophy– Okay so this is my new favourite subject!! It’s so deep and interesting and it’s the only subjecting where having multiple existential crisis actually helps you get good marks! And the cherry on top? My professor is absolutely hilarious and looks like George Lucas!

Psychology- So we’re basically learning stuff I’ve learnt in High School again which is awesome because it means I don’t have to work excessively hard and I already understand what the professor is talking about!

Sociology- It’s REALLY interesting!! I am going to learn about Karl Marx soon which I’m really looking forward to!

Earth Science- Okay I’m not going to lie it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it was but it’s also really interesting! Minus when we learn about rocks. That’s kind of boring to me.

History- Okay again I’m not going to lie the course I’m taking right now is boring. It’s not horrible it’s just a bit boring. I mean how much can you know about The British Isles? Apparently a lot.

And the club I joined was of course *drum roll* CREATIVE WRITERS CLUB!! The boy who’s in charge of it looks a bit like Augustus from The Fault In Our Stars 😂 I really hope he doesn’t read this post…

Image result for augustus the fault in our stars GIF

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38 responses to “My Classes And Joining A Club”

  1. Sounds like so many interesting topics! And Creative Writer’s Club sounds AMAZING. I definitely would love to join one someday! 😀 😀

    1. Yeah it’s very fun even though I don’t talk much cos I get shy and anxious.

      1. I get it. New people are always very hard to be around.

        1. Yeah exactly. It’s hard to open up in front of people you don’t know.

  2. I’m so glad to see you are enjoying it! I loved Sociology when I was in college as well! Joining clubs is awesome and a great way to meet a ton of like minded people!

    1. Yeah clubs is a great way to meet people with similar interests and make new friends! Sociology is just so fascinating!

    2. One of my fave college science classes was cultural anthology. CA studies culture: the unconscious beliefs held and behaviors done by people in their particular culture. Fascinating and very informative in my creative writing work.

      1. Wow that sounds really fascinating. I always find human behaviour very interesting to read about

        1. So take a Cultural – not Physical – Anthropology class and enjoy!

  3. Did you know that Karl Marx wrote poems to and about Satan? I’m not kidding. If you’re interested I can show you some.

    1. Yeah that would be interesting to read. I never really read much about him personally it was always his political theories I was interested in.

  4. Rocks are boring? They contain our history embedded and petrified – literally of course! And they are gorgeous – *quietly* well, some are a bit ordinary but don’t let them hear that.

    1. Haha yeah I do love rocks but not enough o learn what they taste like…

      1. Seriously ? I don’t know anyone who eats them !

        1. That’s good it would be weird if you knew lots of rock tasters…

    1. Thank you I will!!

      1. Can’t wait to read yours!!

        1. Thanks! Can’t wait to write it!

  5. Rocks – they’re either hard mud or volcanic – I like to Rock.
    Can I sneak into a few of your classes?

    1. Hahah yeah you can sneak in I’m sure no one will mind! Although you may have to taste them…

  6. Everything sounds amazing, I’m taking a short break from posting and commenting, I will be back when my spiritual tank has been refuelled 😉 take care and keep smiling 💋

    1. Thank you and I hope you find the spirituality you’re looking for!! All the best ❤😘

  7. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

    1. Thanks for the reblog!

  8. This sounds so interesting!!! (Except the rocks part 😂 and the British isles) but wow! You should put up some of your creative writings (or is that forbidden 🤣)

    1. Lol yeah the rocks are a bit boring and the British Isles is okay not that great but not horrible either. Hahaha maybe I will!!

  9. Having a philosophy can help us find meaning and purpose in life. And that makes life better!

    1. Yes definitely!

  10. Hey, it was nice reading. and congrats for joining the club anyways 😛
    I have actually written about my experience on social media withdrawal which I shall hopefully continue to write. I would highly appreciate if you can go through this and share it as well. ^_^

    1. Thanks and I’ll definitely check that out!

      1. I will me more than grateful 😃
        I have tried to writen what I felt and fele like uni students should go through this 😄

        1. Yeah we can probably relate!

          1. Thanks for going through it 😄😄

    1. Thanks!

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