Guess Who’s Back??

Guess who’s back home and blogging regularly again?? Yup a bunch of bloggers but also me!

Before you guys hate me for now posting lately

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I was super busy with exams and then packing and flying home and then I was kind of jetlagged but I’m back now!!  So yayyyy!

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Can’t wait to catch up with all your blogs and to start writing again!

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33 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back??

  1. Welcome Back! Hey do you mind being a participant in a 10 question interview series I created about 2 months ago? I’ve interviewed 4 writers so far. I can send you the questions here and you can get back to me whenever.

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  2. Welcome back to the blogging world 🙂
    So happy to hear from you again! hope you had safe travels, how long will you be blogging regularly again, just during the holidays? or for a while longer than that!
    Sorry, I have been away from your blog, will hopefully be catching up as well.


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    1. Thank you!! I’ll be in Kenya till 6th so hopefully I’ll be blogging regularly till then and I’ll try to blog regularly during uni but it gets really hectic so not sure if I’ll be able to!
      That’s okay I know you’ve been busy! Hope you’re doing good too and so happy you’re blogging again as well!

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