Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy international women’s day everyone! Let’s all be thankful for the amazing and phenomenal women around us and before us! Women have had to fight through so much to get to where we are today and we still don’t have equality but as long as we keep fighting someday we are finally going to have equal rights.

Let me know who you’re thankful for today!

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17 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Well, first and foremost, I’d like to thank my mother – it’s been nearly three years since she died but I think about her every day. In fact, I’d like to thank ALL mothers for doing that incredibly amazing thing they do with their bodies when they make us – actual humans – inside of them and then look after and nurture us in childhood before gently guiding us into adulthood – sometimes against all the odds. You’re all amazing. Actually, even if you’re not a mother, you’re still amazing because this world desperately needs your feminine energy. So basically, I’d like to thank all women for giving us life and generally making this world a better place. G.xxx

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    1. That is so amazing I can’t even imagine what they must have gone through. It is so important to remember women like them who have fought for equality so that we can have a better life today.


  2. The women who do all the unpaid work of the world without which the world would fall apart, often after already working full time jobs: the care-giving, caretaking, cleaning, cooking and mending, budgeting, the true environmentalists who don’t even know how much of their diligence is a model for us all, the women who have knowledge that is neglected and belittled by the bastions of power and “formal education”. I am grateful that women are shouting out for their mothers and grandmothers. It’s still hard but it was harder for them.

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    1. Absolutely the women who do all the things that people don’t notice but are so important are so amazing! They really keep the world together without taking any credit for it! It was definitely harder back then for our mothers and grandmothers but they fought for us.


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