Summer Break!

I am so happy to tell you guys that my exams are finally over and I’m officially on summer break!! I was talking to you guys in my last post about taking a break because of exams. I had my final exams for the year. And I am happy to say that they are finally over! And that means that my summer break is finally here!

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So I will definitely be blogging way more and posting wayyyy more! I have really been looking forward to this. I have been enjoying university so much but it has been difficult. It’s such a different experience from high school. The workload is something that takes some getting used to. But for now I’m just going to focus on the part where I get a few months off for the summer! Woohoo!

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Let me know in the comments below what your plans for summer/spring are this year!! Are you also on summer break? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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13 responses to “Summer Break!”

  1. Wow!! That’s early! You students!!
    Glad to have you back in circulation. I just published two books I’ve been working on for quite a while and I’m halfway through writing another Sci-fi book which is going well.
    I’m off now for two weeks!

    1. Yeah we have a longer summer holiday which is amazing! I’m so glad exams are finally over!
      That’s amazing I’m definitely going to check out the books you published and I can’t wait to read what you’re working on!

  2. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) Avatar
    Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse)

    Yay! I look forward to your posts and I hope you also get to relax.

    1. Thank you so much and yeah I need some relaxation after all the assignments and exams 😂

      1. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) Avatar
        Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse)

        Most welcome, Pooja!

  3. Haha! Congratulations! Happy Summer Break to you! I will be moving to an entirely different city, with an entirely different, and will experience entirely different things. All within the next month and 1/2.

    1. Wow that sounds so exciting! I remember how excited I was moving from Kenya to Canada the first time! I hope everything goes well and I know it’s exhausting but totally worth it!

      1. Thank you!

        1. You’re welcome!!

  4. Woooohooooo welcome back to blogging and happy summer break from school 😀

    1. Thank you!! So glad my exams are finally over!

  5. Enjoy your Breaks!! Check out some great summer break things to do here:

    1. Thanks I’ll check it out!

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