Why I Haven’t Posted In A Bit!

You are probably wondering why I haven’t posted in a bit. So I have my finals starting this week and as you can imagine I’ve been absolutely stressed out with finishing all my assignments and revising! As much as I love WordPress and blogging, I do also think my real life is most experience. I think my university experience needs to be my priority and of course I am aiming to get the best grades I possibly can.

And to be honest WordPress does get distracting so I’ve tried to stay away from it so I don’t get distracted and can concentrate on my studies. I love WordPress but constantly being active both on my site and on other blogs does take time. And I do tend to spend too much time on WordPress and reading other blogs.

But I’ll start blogging and catching up with your blogs as soon as I’m done! Don’t worry I will be back very soon! And wish me luck for my upcoming exams!

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23 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Posted In A Bit!

  1. Hey! WordPress has been distracting me as well with my studies! lol how do you manage to stay away from it for so long with least amount of worries possible?

    I wish you the best on your exams!


    1. Haha lol being too lazy to do both blog and revise helps me stay away. Lol but I missed it like crazy so I’m glad to be blogging again!

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