Some Tips On How To Relax

How To Relax

I know this is a bit of a random “how-to” but the truth is that our lives have become so fast and we’re so used to doing something that we have kind of forgotten how to relax and do nothing for a while. We’re always stressed about something or the other and we’re constantly thinking of the future instead of concentrating on the present. Our brain is always switched on no matter what and sometimes we just need to turn it off for a while. Here are some things you can do to relax your mind and just switch off your brain for a bit!


If you’re a beginner in yoga try some super easy beginner poses and if you’re used to doing yoga try out some harder poses that help you relax. There are lots of specific poses that are there to help you calm down and feel at ease. Yoga definitely helps keep your mind off everything that’s stressing you out and it makes you physically and psychologically healthier!


I’m not going to lie, this is much harder than most people think. Meditation is great but you need some practice before you learn to not let your mind drift. However once you learn how to do it right it’s a great way to switch off your brain and just relax.

Watch TV

TV is always a great way to take it easy and relax! It helps distract your mind for a while from life! I would recommend watching something intense so you’re really into it.


Instead of stressing out or letting your brain run free do something you enjoy doing like cooking, makeup, reading, playing an instrument etc. It’s always a good distraction and a great opportunity to take some time off from your schedule and do something for yourself that you like!


Honestly, there is no problem food can’t solve! If you’re on a diet have a delicious salad with extra dressing and if not I would recommend stuffing your face with pizza (that always works for me). Food helps you forget about your problems and concentrate on the present.

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32 responses to “Some Tips On How To Relax”

  1. Relaxing for me happens when I go camping and I am away from the house full of never ending chores… with kids knocking on the door and the tv on.. great post!😊

    1. Haha everyone needs an escape!

  2. Beer, ice cream and writing!

  3. Your Bitmoji t-shirt 😂😂 these are great

    1. Lolllll thanks!!!

  4. I am a hyper focus stresser. Dangerous.
    Pretty sure I stressed out in Yoga class too – terrible! I think it was too high a level for me though.
    Blogging has been good, tv series/movies, cooking/eating, wedding crafts.

    1. Yeah some yoga classes are too advanced for beginners and I was stressed during yoga and meditation at first too but now that I’ve gotten really into it, it really helps!

      1. might have to re-visit it. my fiance’ used to meditate a lot.

        1. Yeah try it out again and see if you still don’t like it after a month or two

  5. Nice post… exercise,movies for me💓

    1. Thank you!!

  6. Excersise and Doctor Who are my two beauties. Thanks for letting me know that I can sit back this holiday!
    All the support – have a great week.
    Erin x

    1. Thank you and I just started getting into Doctor Who and it’s really good so far!

      1. I’ve been a fan since I was 0 years old. Never scared, other than the Weeping Angels. DON’T BLINK!

        1. Hahaha I love scary stuff but I haven’t found anything scary so far!

          1. So did you start from Christopher Eccleston?

            1. Yeah I’m still on his episodes 😂

              1. You’ve only got a series! I started re-watching in late June and I’m now on Matt Smith! Xx Haha, good luck.

                1. Haha thanks!!

  7. Nice pointers 🙂 Pooja

    1. Thank you!

  8. “There is no problem food can’t solve.” 🤣🤣 I couldn’t agree more! That’s probably why my belly keeps growing. Haha! Your blog is great! I left a comment for you on another post not realizing I was on another blogger’s page. It was an interview you did with Quietly Ambitious. I loved it.

    1. Haha food really is the answer!
      Thank you so much and I’ll check out the other comment you left too!!

  9. Hi! Totally enjoyed reading your informative, well-written and superbly illustrated post. BTW… chocolate and stargazing work for me! PS… Thanks for reading / liking my posts.

    1. Thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it and you’re welcome!

  10. Writing itself is a wonderful relaxant… as you let yourself ease into a world of words and then choose to let them flow …Nice relaxing read my friend. 💙

    1. Absolutely agree! Writing is so therapeutic it’s amazing. Thank you!

      1. 💙👍💙

  11. More novels #relaxing

    1. Yes novels are awesome!

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