My Scary Experience

So today I had this presentation for my piracy class which was super scary! I know it does not exactly sound like a big deal but for someone with anxiety, it can be. Like I was literally pretty anxious about it.

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I really like the class but I just really hate presentations. I have anxiety as it is I don’t need it to be made worse with worrying about talking in front of a bunch of people.

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Also for some reason (probably because it’s such a fun class) everyone always shows up so there are at least like fifteen to twenty people there.

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And I am really not a fan of speaking in front of people especially if there are more then ten people. Plus, two of the people who were supposed to present with us could not make it.

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It was a pretty scary experience and I stuttered and stammered and rambled A LOT.

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But it was also kind of fun and I think it went pretty well for a first presentation. I learnt a lot from the experience and hope to do better the next time I have to present (which I’m hoping is never!)… maybe next time I’ll be less freaked out I hope… let us see…

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Hope you enjoyed hearing about my little experience and let me know in the comments below how your first presentation went!!

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Do you have anxiety about presentations like I do? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to Hera your thoughts. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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29 thoughts on “My Scary Experience

  1. Poojag here’s my advice for speaking in front of a group of people; Don’t worry if they don’t seem to listen, that’s not your problem. Imagine that they are naked. Deliver your presentation with confidence that you know what you are talking about and our audience is ignorant.

  2. Omg! That reminds me of presenting in my forensic science class. I stuttered so bad that I had to look away and there were about 40 students. My stomach always hurt when I have to talk in front of people. Since being in college, I had to learn to overcome that but I loved your story! I bet you will get better with more and more practice. 🙂

  3. Public speaking is scary. I used to have to do a lot of it. I can assure you that it gets much easier with practice. It is important to push ourselves. Well done.

  4. Well that happens. You can always try to look at the last bench while speaking n when comfortable put ur eyes on the first row. What was the topic..

  5. Lol i experienced the same thing while i
    Was still in uni. But practice makes better. I was able to overcome it and get high score. So are you! Keep on going babe

  6. Wow! I admire you for turning it into a fun experience. I would have never signed up for that class because all I have to know is I will be required to speak in public. That’s it. Not taking that class. Ever. Which means I will not graduate, and unfortunately, I didn’t. Back when I was going to school, my anxiety was at its peak. I don’t know how I made it through the day! I had a speech class in my 2 year college and I didn’t know what to do. There’s no way- we’ll there were 6 speeches required in all different topics. I actually got up and did mine. I thought I would die right there. I read it so fast and when I was done, I ran out of the class as I started to lose my breath and I just had to get out. But anyone with any form of anxiety who gets up and does what they have some form of dread in doing it, are getting a good grip. Best of luck and you’ll do great.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I totally understand where you’re coming from too. I have pretty bad anxiety and public speaking is really not for me however this was a class I really wanted to take and to be totally honest I didn’t realize I would have to do the presentation but I’m kind of glad I did because it was a really great learning experience!

      1. That’s great. Now that I’m older, I find if I just do things and face it, it makes it easier. Now, I’ve been told that my whole life. Nothing helped years back. It’s only now I might be able to push through it. I get mad at it. Sounds crazy but I don and that helps.

        1. Yeah I kind of get what you mean. When you do something even if you’re scared you end up not being as scared of it when you finish and that helps in the future.

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