The Chronicles of Luxaar By Prometheus Silver

Amazon And Goodreads Summary

Luxaar, a foreigner to the desert Provence of Zariban, and his troublesome partner The Rat plan what is to be a simple heist. Nothing goes as planned as soon as they enter the mansion of Rez-Hilkta. Eccentric, never seen and collector of rare items. Once inside they are introduced to a world of magic, strange and bizarre creatures and the stolen princess. Luxaar is forced to adapt to a world he knows nothing about or die. They barely escape the mansion with their lives and the Scrolls of Nida-Darth what they were there for in the first place.
On the way to the city of Hesin where they will meet The Merchant to whom they are going to sell the scrolls. They are forced underground due to a violent sandstorm. Luxaar, The Rat and the Princess’s lives are forever changed as the past comes back to haunt them and Luxaar has his first encounter with Tatharina, the beautiful Blood Goddess.
In Hesin everything goes astray as the scrolls are stolen the day before the sale and Luxaar must find them and get them to The Merchant before time runs out.

About The Author

Prometheus Silver grew up in the beautiful Hudson Valley outside of New York. He left his home when he joined the United States Army. Now, he lives in Missouri with his four daughters and wife to be. He spends most of his days writing and having fun with his family.

My Thoughts On The Chronicles of Luxaar By Prometheus Silver

First of all I liked that it was not too long because I’m super busy very often but I still want to read but if the book is too long I kind of keep putting it off.  The genre is fantasy and the plot, characters and writing is all really great!

I also really enjoyed the plot of the book and I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll keep it short and simple. The plot is really fun and exciting and moves really fast which I love.

I also really liked the characters- they were fun, unique and a bit crazy (in a good way). I liked The Rat character because it was colorful and exciting and rebellious.
The story was definitely exciting and keeps you wanting to read more. It definitely is super well written and the descriptions were also really imaginative and fun to read.
If like me you want to read but not something that’s too long this is absolutely perfect for you. Especially if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre.
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