Makeup Products I Travel With

Moisturizer- This is my number one must have for travelling. It’s really easy to get dry skin or even damage your skin when you’re travelling since it’s not always something you think about when travelling but it’s important. Plus, just putting on a little moisturizer especially on your face can make you look brighter and more awake even when you’re not feeling that way after a long trip!

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BB Cream- It’s like foundation but lighter and looks more natural. I always prefer using a BB Cream when travelling instead of a foundation because foundations are really heavy and after a while my face starts feeling like it’s painted on if the journey is too long. BB creams are much more comfortable to wear when travelling and they cover up your blemishes while giving you a more natural look.

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Lip Balm- When you’re travelling it’s easy to get dehydrated and your lips might end up looking like you came back from the dead by the end of the journey. Lip balm will keep your lips looking and feeling soft and hydrated and I that’s why I always prefer to use lip balm instead of lipstick or lip gloss.

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Highlighter- This is one of those makeup items that I need with me at all times. I love how hydrated and awake adding just a little bit of highlighter makes you look even if you don’t have any other makeup on. It is definitely an essential makeup product when travelling!

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Eyebrow Pencil- Waking up and realizing your eyebrows are no longer on fleek or even worse have been smudged off completely is horrible. Always carry an eyebrow pencil (or whatever product/products you use for your eyebrows) with you at all times when travelling!

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67 thoughts on “Makeup Products I Travel With

  1. That first gif.. im dying!!

    I def agree with u on this post i usually carry all of these when i travel except for eyebrow pencil. I had a unibrow when i younger so.. no need to make them thick or darker. At least, i dont think i need to lol
    Thanks for sharing Pooja!

    Kiki |

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    1. Yes moisturizer is the most important product for your skin! I usually use the FAB Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration or the ELF Daily Hydration Moisturizer. Which one do you use?


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