Barney Stinson Quotes

Image result for barney stinson quotes

Image result for barney stinson quotes

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I hope you enjoyed these awesome and legendary Barney Stinson quotes!

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22 thoughts on “Barney Stinson Quotes

  1. Oh PoojaG, how many sweet are you. I want quotes for my blog and you post about this subject. So sweet. Now i got every quotes from your blog. What are you give me permission? My sweet heart.

  2. Ha! Barney Stinson quotes are the best! Much needed laugh on this cloudy rainy day.

    PS_ thanks for checking in on my newly formed blog. I appreciate it. Sending smiles


    1. Glad it made you laugh! I always feel like Mondays are super tough and we need something to lighten the mood.

      You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by too!

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