Six Word Story #20

Life six word story

Six Word Story:

One step at a time- progress.

About this six word story:

I’m back with yet another six word story. As I have explained in previous posts on this blog, I am really enjoying writing six word stories. They’re fun, don’t take too much time (I’m a student so always low on time) and they really make you think. I know people will see six words and think, how hard could it be? But the truth is, in some ways coming up with a six word story is even hard than coming up with a short story. To fit everything into six words is no easy feat.

Okay, that was it for the rant. Lol. Back to the six word story and what it is about. I used to focus much more on bigger goals rather than the small steps needed to achieve smaller goals. But as I get older and have more experience, I see the importance of each step. And why focusing on the steps instead of the overall goal is so vital.

Sometimes we feel like we’re failing or falling behind because we haven’t achieved a specific goal. But when we look back and see how many steps we’ve taken towards the goal, we see how much we have actually progressed. And I think progressing (even a little) is the most important thing.

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