5 Cofacilitations And A Presentation

So thankfully my semester is almost over which means I’m done with my cofacilitations and presentations. I have a really hard time with these. As I’ve told you guys because I am one of those people that is just not great at speaking in public or to groups.

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So two of my cofacilitations I did on my own. Which I actually prefer because I’m kind of a perfectionist. And I like to be in control…

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I had to do the other three cofacilitations and the lecture presentation with other people. And the majority of them went pretty well. One of the people I had to do the cofacilitation with turned out to be an arschloch. While the others were really nice.

eh gif

I did well in all of them except one seminar cofacilitation where no one had read the stuff and no one was answering the questions we had and it was just super awkward and weird.

Cofacilitations awkward gif

The lecture presentation went better than last time and I did pretty well in it.

Anyway I’m just happy I’m done with them although now that I’ve done them a couple of times they’re not as scary anymore and I kind of know what to expect and how to handle certain situations.

learn over time gif

Hope you guys enjoyed this little update sorry I haven’t been able to do more but…

Cofacilitations learn over time gif

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19 thoughts on “5 Cofacilitations And A Presentation

  1. Had the most embarrassing situation during giving a lecture about my project. Halfway through the speech, my phone started ringing loudly “We were staying in Paris…..” 😑😑

  2. “So two of my cofacilitations I did on my own which I actually prefer because I’m kind of a perfectionist and like to be in control…” That definitely spoke to my soul right there. Lol. Congrats!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You made it through!

  3. Your blog post gave me nostalgia, reminding me of good old college days. I tell you, once this all is over and you step out of college, the remembrance of these days will bring mixed emotions 🙂
    Good luck

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