Six Word Story #22

Six Word Story Social Anxiety

Six Word Story:

The fear creeps up on her.

Behind The Six Word Story:

As many of you know by now, I do suffer from an anxiety disorder. Two technically. It was difficult to deal with them at first. And became quite overwhelming. However, over time I became much better at handling them. And knowing how to control my symptoms did help me a lot.

But occasionally, anxiety will rear its ugly head when I am feeling particularly down or have something stressful happening in my life. And it does tend to creep up on me sometimes. Of course, now I am better at handling it but still.

Recently, I have been experiencing some anxiety and fear. It’s nearing the end of my semester and so I’m more stressed out right now. A lot of things are due and exams will be held soon. However, I am working hard to keep the anxiety at bay and doing what I need to in order to get good grades.

Have you ever experienced anxiety or excessive fear? How do you deal with that and what methods do you do to make yourself feel better? What are some methods you use to combat the symptoms of anxiety? Have you faced stress or anxiety due to tests or exams? How do you deal with that? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section located below the post. And remember to leave your own six word story in the comments too. Or simply stop by and say hi in the comments!

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