Exams Are Upon Me

It’s that time of the semester again folks where life revolves around coffee and studying and more coffee and more stuDYING…

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You guys might have noticed that I am not as active as I usually am on WordPress and that’s because my exams have started and obviously I’m spending most of my time studying.

Luckily I have two take home exams so I only have to go for two of them but they’re both super early in the morning which is very annoying.

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Anyway in case I am less active for the next week or so and am not able to reply to your comments or post everyday it’s because of all the revising I’m doing and definitely not because of me being distracted by Instagram…

Wish me luck guys!

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39 thoughts on “Exams Are Upon Me

  1. You know this Stuff.
    Take a breather, clear your mind. Study and Review
    Gain full Understanding.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers 🙏💜
    Congratulations on your success

  2. It doesn’t seem long since you first arrived there, how long ago was it? Good luck with your exams not that you need luck 😊

  3. Good luck, you got this. Eat and sleep and not too much caffeine, you get to the point where you are so wired it is counterproductive or at least it used to be that way for me. Like the (GIFs?) still don’t get those–dating myself

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