I’m Feeling Twenty-Two

So I am officially twenty-two years old! Wooooohooo I’m officially old and greying… No, but like very literally…

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I feel like twenty-one was one of my most successful years and I had so much fun with it. I tried so many new things. And let go of a lot of things that were holding me back. Overall, it was a very satisfying year for me.

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I also learnt how important it is to say “thank you for your apology” instead of “it’s okay” when someone apologises. Because when you say it’s okay it makes the person think that what they did is okay. I know this doesn’t work for all situations. Like if someone bumps into you please don’t say “thank you for your apology.” But it really makes sense for some things. And I think it’s important to know your value and set firm boundaries.

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I also took some time this year to really focus on myself and what I want and I’ve realised that it is important to be selfish sometimes and do what makes you happy. I have really tried to work towards my bigger goals.

As for this blog and my social media pages I am happy to report that they have grown a lot and I was able to talk to so many amazing people and meet so many new people this year which in my opinion is the best part of blogging. I seriously so look forward to your comments!

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Thank you all for making twenty-one so much fun for me and let’s hope twenty-two is even better!

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114 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Twenty-Two

  1. Wait. Wait. Are you an Aries?! Yaaasss! Happy Birthday! I turned thirty-nine this past Wednesday.

    I hope you enjoy every moment of your big day.

  2. Happy 22nd! Saying “thank you for your apology” is a nice idea, because giving gratitude to someone is a nice thing to do. I once had a therapist explain this to me, and she told me how she says “thank you for waiting” instead of “sorry I’m late” and that it is just nice when someone thanks you. It could be hard for someone to apologise, so replying with gratitude is like a way of making them feel at ease. On that note, thank you for this post 😊

  3. Happy birthday! Eat lots of cake! 22! You’re just getting started! The best is yet to come. My birthday gift to you is $$$$. Buy Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover. I wish I would have read it and did it when I was 22. I know you will make 22 EPIC!

  4. Happy belated birthday.

    As someone who wasted her 20’s in college, and now works in retail, I am always inspired by the kids in their 20’s who have the courage to take life/fate into their own hands.

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