K1 Klubhouse Flea Market

So I had heard a lot about this place even before I went there and we had been planning to go here even before we reached Kenya. I was super excited to see the flea market because I had heard a lot about it and seen so many cool pictures. Plus everything is handmade and local which I thought was really cool!

This is what the place looks like with lots of umbrellas hanging everywhere and everyone sitting in the middle. It had such a great vibe we were super into it!

And the stalls had so many interesting things too.

Here are some locally handmade organic vegan and cruelty free soaps, shampoos and more. If you’re interested in buying them you can check them out on Instagram by clicking here.

These amazing artwork had us mesmerized and the artists were super nice and let us take pictures of them. If you’re interested in the artwork please contact them at +254720428735 or by clicking here.

They also had some interesting graffiti as well as a bunch of areas for food and drinks.

Overall, we just had such a fun time here and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in Nairobi. The flea market is only there on Sundays though so if that’s what you’re interested in Sunday would be the perfect time to go. If you just want to look around and have some food/drinks you can check it out on any day.

Special thanks to Mistryland for all the pictures I bugged her to take that made this post possible!

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53 thoughts on “K1 Klubhouse Flea Market

  1. I do like how lively these places tend to be. It seems like you really get a chance to train your sense of direction and perceptional abilities attempting to navigate these flea markets.

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      1. They’re stunning! It’s such a wide variety of colors. Definitely travel inspiration for when I can afford it in the future.

        Liked by 1 person

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