3 Reasons (Guest Post)

By Shah Ustav

In our day-to-day life, we meet different people around ourselves. We are surrounded by different people. Everyone is in chaos. Due to which, we don’t have time to talk with people to peace. We talk to them in chaos. We are the creators of relationship. And we only have control over the bonds. It is in our hands either to strong our bond or weaken it. For it, we must know what type of people they are we are associating with. There must be love between relationship. Do you know the reasons why people are in your life? Why they are associating with you? What makes them your loved ones? And what makes them trustworthy people? What is there between them and you? What makes a relationship?

Here, I have discussed the 3 reasons for which people came into your life.

People came into your life for 3 reasons:
1. For Season
2. For Reason
3. For Lifetime

1. For Season.

The first reason for which people come into our lives is for Season.

People come into our lives for Season. What it means? Like a season, it lasts for only some time. It isn’t a long lasting relationship. It lasts for some time like a season.

They are the people who are selfish. They only think about themselves. No one matters in their life. You are the not the person who matters in their lives. You are just the source of getting used. You’ll be used by different people. It sucks.

You’ll be left with broken heart. It may be possible that you love the people around yourself but they just show that they love you too. But they don’t. They just show that they love you but they don’t feel even a single thing you feel. It means they are using you.

People who are type of that nature always lose. They don’t know what is a relationship. And they don’t know how much it sucks when someone use us and broke the heart.

They are seasonal people. Just come into your life and pass away like a season.

But you should find what type of people you are tolerating around yourself. If they just call you for some work, do the same. Simple. Do not try to be more personal if someone tries to use you and your talent. That’s it.

2. For Reasons.

Some people come into our lives for a reason. Here, it doesn’t means of selfishness. They don’t come to make themselves rich. Instead, they come to help you.

One of my sisters has marked the bad habit in me that I always take things very seriously. I should give up on that habit because when I will leave my comfort zone, different people will use me.

Very true. But I take things seriously only when my beloved ones hurt me. I never ever get hurt by any fellows. I don’t even get hurt by my friends. It’s only for my loved ones. That’s it.

Some people are in our lives for a reason. They want to help you in every way possible. They will stand by your side in each and every situation. And they want to help you and get yourself out from such harsh situations.

They do this without any intention. They just do this to make bond stronger. No matter you’ll help them in future or not. They just want to make a relationship stronger.

That relationship doesn’t mean to only lovers. That relationship is each and every relationship exists in the world whether it is brother-sister relationship or parents- offspring’s relationship. It doesn’t matter.

3. For Lifetime.

People who come into our lives for a reason may be ultimately change to people for lifetime.

I have many people who are for me and I am for them for lifetime. No matters how many difficulties will be there but I will be always standing by their side.

People who are in your life forever are generally loved ones. But there are some others who just stop by you for your help. They just want themselves to be greater than you. They just sit upon your chest and never get down from it.

The solution to it is to just say ‘NO’. Simple.

I have many people for Lifetime. They are my family, my sisters and my brothers till now. I don’t know about the future and also, I don’t want too. Just I care about my present. That’s it.

At last, know your people. Do you know what type of people you are with? How many people you have for lifetime? No one?

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42 thoughts on “3 Reasons (Guest Post)

  1. Three Reasons. A very good blog. You have learned about human nature and its foibles well. With the Seasonal people, I would like to encourage you not to be negative about them but to see them as an opportunity to change and challenge them to be different. You can make the world a better place by putting something good into their lives. Change the world person by person

      1. This is so true. We cannot change or control others. We only can change/ control ourselves and lead an example. As humans we really have the ability to make life beautiful. We just have to be patient and understand not everyone is ready or able to accept kindness. I work with children of all sorts and experienced this first hand. It’s incredible what kindness and patience can bring about in someone.

        1. Yes, it’s true that everyone aren’t ready to accept kindness. But why do we need to please others? Leave those people who don’t want our kindness. That’s it.

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