The Blue Door (Experience And Review)

So recently we had the amazing experience of going to the Blue Door and it was absolutely amazing!


In case you were wondering why it’s called the Blue Door it’s because they have this adorable blue door!


They had this amazing retro vibe and had vinyl record everywhere which we totally adored. And the staff were so sweet they took us all around to see everything.



They also have a night club area where there’s a DJ booth and the most amazing and beautiful retro graffiti ever. It also had vinyl records stuck to it and all these amazing peoples names. I don’t know if you can tell through the picture but it was extremely detailed and so well done. We totally fell in love with it and I’m pretty sure this is my favourite picture of all time!


They also had this nice and cosy little VIP area that had such a cool look with the chains and lighting- it even had a TV in the corner in case you want to watch sports or something. We had some drinks but I forgot to take pictures unfortunately 😣

res_1565696259099Overall we had an incredible time- the service was great, the drinks were good and the vibe was insane- we love retro stuff so it was perfect for us! I would totally recommend checking it out!

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34 thoughts on “The Blue Door (Experience And Review)

  1. I love vinyl albums, although you call it ‘retro’ and I call it my generation’s music. You not only got the music, but each album’s cover was usually a work of art in itself. I’m glad you enjoyed your outing.

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    1. Your generation is so lucky! I’m really into vinyl records these days and a lot has to do with the artwork- like you said it’s really detailed and you can tell a lot of work went into it!

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