Six Word Story #36

She was amazed by the universe.

This post is really special to me because the image is by Elaine. She is an amazing artist and blogger that I have been friends with since I started blogging. I wanted to thank her for allowing me to use this image and for all the support she’s shown this blog. Check out this picture and more from her by clicking here.

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34 thoughts on “Six Word Story #36

  1. There’s something about this story that fills me up with all kinds of emotions each time I read it out loud. Nice painting accompanying it. 👍🏼

  2. It is so amazing Pooja. You came in my dream a couple of days back and I was telling you that I intend visiting Africa next year 😊🤗
    God has His ways we know nothing about. Hope all is well with you. Am having serious trouble with WP. Am not been able to even like this post. Hope the comment gets posted.
    Ashok Wahi
    Musings of a Wanderer

  3. Many thanks Pooja I’m honoured that you wanted to use one of my paintings to go alongside your six word challenge post. I will be forever grateful that you encouraged me to start painting in the first place because it gives me so such satisfaction and pleasure. xxx

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