Struggling To Get Likes On Your Posts? Read This

It isn’t always easy to get likes on your posts especially when you first start out blogging. I remember when I was just starting out and wasn’t getting any likes for the posts I was publishing. I used to really struggle to get even one like.

Struggling To Get Likes On Your Posts gif

And, I also remember the very first like I got and how amazing it felt. It felt amazing to know that someone had read my post and enjoyed it enough to take the time to give it a like. I even remember the blogger because I immediately went to their page!

happy gif

Although likes aren’t important to everyone and some people argue that activity on your blog is more important than likes you have to admit it’s a great feeling when you get the notification that someone just liked one of your posts.

Likes On Your Posts gif

Plus, if you want to blog professionally or as a full time job then sponsors do tend to check how many likes you get per post.

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If you are interested in finding out how to get more likes on your posts then be sure to check out my next post that will be talking about how to get more likes on your posts.

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18 thoughts on “Struggling To Get Likes On Your Posts? Read This

  1. I totally agree with you there aren’t more cheerful than get a like or comment. As you said: “it isn’t always easy to get likes”.
    In my case, I will be happy if I get a-like because I have other aims.

  2. Likes are a truer measurement of your post engagement than views, I think. I get over 100 views a day, which I never thought was possible, but it seems dubious because I only have 20-30 visitors. Maybe I’m a pessimist but I really don’t think that many people are reading through every post on my blog to give me that many views.

    1. I think you would be surprised how many of those views are actually real views. Even though your following may not be that large if you use the corret tags and things you can definitely have a good amount of views per day from search engines and things.

  3. This post is sooo true abt the emotional ride you go on when you get that first like! You chose the perfect GIFs to match the emotional roller coaster Lol Really enjoyed reading!

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