Help Me- Thank You! 2

So as I get busier with school I want to make sure the blog doesn’t suffer and that I am able to put out content you guys would be interested in reading. That’s why I decided to post this poll so that you guys can vote on what topics you want me to write about so that I get a better idea of what I should blog about.

Thank you so much for participating I truly appreciate it! And in case the topic you want me to blog about isn’t on the poll let me know what it is in the comments.

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55 thoughts on “Help Me- Thank You! 2

  1. Ah, school is definitely tough to balance with your online presence. Please do not stress yourself out trying to do too much, then both will suffer! Trust me, I learned and am still learning the hard way.

      1. I also remember someone hitting on you online unless I’m mistaken. As a gent approaching sixty, I find such conduct disgusting. It shows the guys don’t see the real you you. Some guys are sighted yet sans vision, blind as bats. Blossom to your fullest potential, you’re doing fine as it is. There is a head on your shoulders and a spine keeping it up.

  2. I can understand about that. I also find it very difficult to maintain and upload blogs as i have office. Having said that, i try to engage in my stories and blogs in my weekoffs. Maybe little but i try to be in touch.

  3. Blogging posts.that you are already telling us in your previous posts.

    That was so much inspiring so please continue on that only. I really like that kind of your explaination. And you are good on it so please telling us about blogging

  4. Already done! Please don’t let your blog interfere with school. You must prioritise education while you have it. Even if it means posting less often, you must take care of yourself! x

    1. Thank you and I got your comment on the poll too so thanks for that! Yeah I always try to do the posts in advance in my free time and schedule them so that way I don’t have to worry about them when I’m busy with university.

  5. When I’m in school, I don’t have time to blog. Once school starts I probably won’t be updating my blog much at all. I didn’t see the poll, but I like anything health and wellness related. 🙂

      1. When I finish a post I have to publish it right away, or the next day. Idk how you keep them scheduled without having the itch to post them right away 😅 I’ve got tons of unwritten rough draft ideas, but none of them are finished.

  6. You should write about being a student and life and stuff! I don’t know if you’ve every heard of ‘Caitlin’s Corner’ on youtube – she’s recently graduated, but for year’s she’s been chronicling life of being a student and people just eat it up. And honestly, I’ve been out of UNI a few years, but I still ate up her student content because it’s so relatable.

    If you ever feel up for it you should def talk about life and student stuff!

    1. Ooh I love talking about student life but I wasn’t sure if anyone would enjoy reading it but thanks for this I will definitely be writing more about my life as a student!!

      1. I think talking about being a student and student life and student hacks and whatnot could open your blog to a whole new audience too! Appeal to an even wider base. I mean, I’m 30 and I still eat that stuff up. Imagine what real students would appreciate!!!

  7. I wondered when you would be going back! I would just like some updates about how your doing and what your feeling, a few photos of Canada would be great too. Take care and enjoy every moment because life is precious ❤️

  8. I voted for blogging advice, but I would definitely enjoy mental health and inspirational posts as well!

    Ah, university. I loved my time but am glad I am on to the “real world.”

  9. Your title makes me think of the movie Jerry Maguire where he says, ” help me help you, “. I know that is not helpful but for some reason I find myself constantly quoting movies anytime I see something that reminds me of that movie.

  10. Oh Pooja, I love your happy authentic spirit! Just stay real and stay YOU!!!! You can share your student life …. after all, we all keep learning and growing! Would love to help spread your amazing inspiration even further! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

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