Royal Dosa Hut Review

Recently I found out about this place in Niagara called Royal Dosa Hut which is a vegetarian restaurant that offers mostly south Indian food. I was super excited because there aren’t a lot of vegetarian/vegan Indian restaurants in the area although there are a few with vegan/vegetarian options. It’s pretty far from where I live so I hadn’t found time to go there due to my busy schedule last semester but I finally decided to try it out today before my winter break ends and here is the full review of how it went!

So obviously like any millennial I looked at their menu and reviews online and saw that it had a lot of horrible reviews about how their food was tasteless and gross. This kind of made me think maybe we shouldn’t go there but then I was like you know what it’s worth a try. For their full menu click here.

We decided to start with a small item first to share in case we didn’t like the taste and so we started by ordering my favourite south Indian food- idli sambhar!


It was absolutely delicious! We could tell it was freshly made and it tasted just like homemade food which is the taste I had been craving for! It was not too spicy or extremely flavourful- it was simple but in a good way. I know I’m horrible at descriptions but that’s the only way I can describe it. It was simple and mildly flavoured but since it was freshly made it tasted amazing.

Since we loved the idli we decided to get their masala dosa which is a dosa stuffed with potatoes, onions and yellow lentils. We also got the regular samosa’s.




They were absolutely amazing too! Like we never finish our dosa because they are quite large and filling but this one was so good we literally could not stop eating. Again it was quite simple but that’s what made it so delicious. It reminded me of the homemade dosa my mum used to make. The samosa had a really unique taste I had never had before but it was still really great. They were nice and crispy on the outside and the filling was really great on the inside.


Like I said we could not stop eating and finished all the food so we decided to get some more items for dinner. My sister got the pizza uttapam and I got another dosa. The Uttapam was topped with capsicum, tomatoes, onions and cheese.



They were both fantastic and I can guarantee that we will be going back there real soon! As for the ambiance- it was a really cute little place and since it’s a Thursday it was just us and one other family which meant the food arrived really fast and it was very fresh. It was also quite clean and had a really nice energy/vibe to it.


I would totally recommend it if you like simple but delicious food. If you prefer really spicy food than maybe let them know in advance so they can make it specifically for your taste.


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30 thoughts on “Royal Dosa Hut Review

  1. Sounds like a good place for sure. Makes me hungry.

    Will be providing feedback on the food when I head back to Malaysia mid February. 😉

  2. I love samosas SO MUCH. I used to buy crates of frozen samosas (not ideal but you do what you gotta do) when I lived in L.A. Nobody sells them here, though. The area’s still too WASP.

    1. Me too samosa are my favourite but they’re really complicated to make so I used to get frozen ones too but it was nice having freshly cooked ones! Hopefully an Indian restaurant will open up in your area soon and you can get some samosas!

  3. Wow, I was expecting the review to go downhill. I guess the masses are not always right.

    Also, I never really tried vegetarian dishes, other than veggie chilli. However, everything you ate looked delightful and delicious. Definitely opened my mind to try new things.

    1. Yeah I think it’s better to form your own opinion than to follow what everyone else is saying.

      I would definitely recommend trying more vegan/vegetarian dishes I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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