What Every Student Needs

So I did a post about what I take with me in my school bag every day and decided to do a more specific post about what items I always have in my pencil case. Since absolutely no one asked here’s what I carry in my pencil case and why you should always carry these items too:

Pens/pencils- You almost always have to write at some point every day even if you tend to type your notes. A pen and pencil is definitely a must have for students.

Highlighters- You never know when you need to highlight something. It really helps to have one with you though in case you need to remember something specific.

Paperclips- This one sounds a little random but trust me you’ll need paperclips way more often than you think. It always helps to have a few paperclips with you because you tend to get a lot of papers and it helps keep you organized.

Rubberband- Again you’ll need these way more than you think you will. It’ll help keep stuff together, work as a hairband, help stop you from yelling in public by flicking it on your wrist every time you’re frustrated…

Whiteout- It looks neater to use whiteout instead of cancelling something every 5 seconds. It just makes your notes looks more neat and help when you’re rereading them.

Clearly stationery is important whether you’re a student in school, college or university or even just someone who likes stationery. I’m one of those weird people who loves collecting stationery and thought I would leave a link to a post I really enjoyed that talks much more specifically about stationery and where to find the best kind. You can check it out by clicking here. 

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29 thoughts on “What Every Student Needs

  1. I’ve upgraded to a laptop so I hardly write anything down. I carry around a few pens and some highlighters. My highlighters mysteriously went missing/dried out/got chewed up by the cat so I really need to buy more highlighters. My favorite 4-colored pen also went missing and this time, I don’t think the backpack monster ate it. I think Timon monster or Beccasaurus took it.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion, Laci!😊 I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought something online. I might be a Millennial but I am quite old fashioned 😂

        1. The actual store is located in New York, that is why I mentioned buying online! And there is nothing wrong with that, I prefer buying in person too.

          1. Now that you mentioned it, I’m going to check out their website. The multi-colored pencils/highlighters intrigue me! 🙌 Honestly, I wish I lived in the US – if I did I would definitely be buying more stuff online!

  2. I’m no longer in school but I still use pencils and carry them in a custom wrap that goes on my journal. I also carry a highlighter pencil.

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