Angry Duck- You Need To See This

I didn’t have time for a post today so here’s a picture of an angry duck that I found on the internet. I love this image and really enjoyed it and thought you guys would too. How often do you see an angry duck? And this one is just so cute.
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Now, I can’t help but wonder why is this duck so angry? I mean it’s just a baby duck. What worries does it have to be so angry? Lol. Such a cutie.

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Do you like ducks? Have you seen this image before? Did it make you laugh as much as I did? What’s your favourite animal or favourite type of bird? Let me know in the comments section below because I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say and hear your opinion. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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43 responses to “Angry Duck- You Need To See This”

  1. Hahaha! I appreciate the audacity.

    1. He’s so angry but so adorable!

  2. I’m happy to see this duck!

    1. I’m happy to hear that!

  3. cute angry duck!

  4. Love the angry duck…lol

    1. Lol it’s my spirit animal for sure!

  5. That duck is angry cause the momma is missing. But them ducks looks cool

  6. Angry ducks don’t lie.

  7. He’s still cute and adorable with that face. Quack.. Quack..

  8. Still cute even though angry 🙂

  9. Ducks are looking cute.

  10. Cute but annoyed duckling!

  11. Haha. The little one already seems displeased with life. Lol.

    1. It’s definitely my spirit animal right now 😂

      1. Haha. Haha. Child . . .

  12. Haha this is cute, sometimes all you need is a good laugh, and this was funny.

    1. Agreed sometimes you just need to see a cute little duck!

  13. Angry ducks are always appreciated AHAH

    1. Lol it’s so cute though!

  14. Who knew Grumpy Cat had a sidekick? hehehe

  15. Thanks for the laugh. 😁

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Hahaha! The cutest angry duck ever!!!!
    (Like I’ve seen a lot of them?!)

    1. Haha it’s definitely the cutest one!!

  17. I needed to see this duck today.

    1. Haha hope it made your day better!

  18. hi pooja, i sent the email a while back but didnt get a response, maybe it was spammed so i wrote out the poem on my own, maybe you can have a look at it, youve gone quiet-ish?

    1. Hi, yes I haven’t received any emails from you so it may have been spammed. I will definitely check it out!

  19. That’s one angry-looking duck. I can’t blame him, though. Everywhere he looks, he sees a bill and that would annoy anybody. Haha.

    1. Hahaha yes that can be very annoying!

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