My Courses For This Semester

This semester I’m only taking history courses because I finished my electives last semester and I have to say I am really enjoying it. As most of you know my major is History and I am loving concentrating on it and learning all these amazing history courses. Here are the courses I’m taking this semester:

The American Revolution- This course is kind of tied in with the course I took last semester on the American Enlightenment. As you guys know I’m really enjoying my American history courses because I had never done American history before university so it’s all new and exciting to me. I also like how it’s taught by the same professor I did the Enlightenment and early American history courses with because I feel like now I have enough information to tie everything together and do well in this course. The professor is really interesting and I love the course material but the only problem is the lectures are at 8 am in the morning and are slowly killing me.
The Sixties- This is another American history course that I am really enjoying. It focuses mainly on the sixties but we also got a bit of an insight into the 50’s and how they lead to what became the 60’s. The professor is really great for this course too and it’s in the afternoon which is perfect because it gives me time to take a short nap before class!
Middle Eastern Culture- I thought this would also be very different from other history I’ve learnt so far because I haven’t learnt much about the Middle East before. So far it’s pretty interesting. I also like that it’s being taught by someone who’s actually from the Middle East which I think gives a better insight into their culture and what’s currently going on there.
Women In China- I think this is probably one of my favourite courses that I’ve taken at Brock. It’s taught by one of my favourite professors and I think he does a good job in trying to give us an unbiased view of women in China. I also like that he wants us to enjoy the class and not be stressed about assignments but rather learn the material well.

So those are my courses for the semester. I am really enjoying them so far and I think I made good choices when picking my courses for this semester.

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25 thoughts on “My Courses For This Semester

  1. When you learn about slavery and Jim Crow laws , do they try to white wash them. Over here in America in Alabama most people celebrate the civil war. It’s crazy to me that they have statues of people that fought against the United States and they honor them. Normally no one puts up statues of the people that lost. Just curious.

    1. I think one of the best parts of learning American history in Canada (or anywhere that’s not the US) is that you get a more factual and unbiased version of it. I feel like a lot of the South is still in denial of what actually happened during the Civil War and what the causes were. Plus, I hear that a lot of the history taught in the South is inaccurate and downplays racism and other aspects of the south. Not sure how true that is but that’s what some of my professors have said.

  2. I have a minor in history. Almost all of my history classes were on Southern Asia. I kept taking them because I was strongly attracted to the professor! Next thing I knew I had qualified for a minor. Lol

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