Interview with Blogger Pooja

So I did an interview for W. Wang’s World! It was so fun you guys have to go check it out!!

W. Wang's World Commentary



This is an interview with blogger Pooja, who runs lifesfinewhine ( She blogs on a variety of topics, which she has been doing for five years. She’s currently a student majoring in history. Here below is my interview with her.

W.: What made you start your blog?

Pooja: I don’t always talk about this part of why I created my blog because it’s a bit dark and I don’t want to go back to that place but when I first started this blog my mental health was in a pretty bad place. My life felt like it was not going in the direction I had hoped for and I needed an outlet for all the pent up emotions inside me. One of my friends suggested I take up blogging and I decided to give it a try and let’s just say I haven’t looked back since! I’m not very…

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28 thoughts on “Interview with Blogger Pooja

  1. It’s interesting that you started with more personal posts in order to deal with anxiety and then branched out into everything else. I’ve found that’s kind of what’s happening to me as time goes on. My blog used to be nothing but personal anecdotes and rants and as that stuff kind of gets better, I find myself writing about more “serious” topics, if that’s a way to say it.

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