Trying Hemp Oil For Anxiety (Review)

So I tried using hemp oil for my anxiety when I was back in Kenya and tried it once more when I came to Canada. Here are my thoughts about hemp oil for anxiety/insomnia. Just a heads up these are my thoughts and how my body/brain reacted to the hemp oil so it may be subjective.


Reduced anxiety– It definitely did reduce my anxiety. After using it for about 3-5 days I noticed a decrease of anxiety, however, not a complete disappearance of the anxiety though- just a decrease. Even after using it for a few weeks it was only a decrease in the anxiety.
Better sleep– It definitely helped me fall asleep faster and made my sleep deeper which was nice since I’m usually a very light sleeper and have a hard time falling asleep.
Better Concentration- The reduction of anxiety and better sleep also helped improve my concentration which was really helpful.


Makes me drowsy- If I drank one or two drops more than usual it made me drowsy the whole day. I was also a bit drowsy for one or two hours after waking up which can be annoying.
Weird dreams- I had super vivid dreams, sometimes nightmares, which was fun sometimes but very annoying other times.
Anxiety doesn’t go away completely- Like I said earlier it only kind of reduces anxiety it doesn’t make it go away completely or even significantly. It just kind of decreases it to an extent.

Final Thoughts

I have had anxiety for a while now and it does get pretty bad at certain times so that may be why hemp oil didn’t work for me as much as it does for some people. Maybe if you’re anxiety is not that bad than it would probably do a better job helping to reduce it.
It did help significantly with my insomnia which in turn helped with my anxiety since sleeping better helps reduce my anxiety so if you are suffering from sleeping problems I would recommend trying out hemp oil. But try very little first because it can make you drowsy the whole day if you take too much. I would also recommend taking it like an hour before you sleep instead of in the morning.
This is the hemp oil I used in case you’re interested in trying that one out specifically click here.

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60 thoughts on “Trying Hemp Oil For Anxiety (Review)

    1. It comes with a dropper and it’s supposed to be taken on its own. I would recommend starting with one drop and then increasing the amount if you need to. I found that three drops are the perfect amount for me but it’s different for everyone.

    2. Hi there, I take three tablespoons a day, and probably get a fair bit more from the raw seed I have in smoothies too. From my own personal understanding, I cannot overstate the importance of Essential Fatty Acids in the diet. Essential Fatty Acids are, well, essential (the clue is in the name, lol), to the function of the central nervous system, hence its efficacy for anxiety, but also for the Inflammatory system (inflammatory disorders include Crohn’s, Asthma, Eczema, to name a few), and for the Immune System – and we all know how important that is these days. You can mix the oil with a smoothie or put it on a salad if you like it like that. Like, I said, I personally just take it on its own as a supplement. Not the nicest way of having it, but I’m happy to do it because of, well, the fact that it has the perfect profile of Omega 3, 6, and 9 for human health. Hope this helps!

      1. I’ve just done some basic calculations and 1 tablespoon a day falls well within the WHO guidelines for Essential Fatty Acids, so I’m probably having more than I need – I’m a low-carber/occasional keto person though so I get a lot of my energy from fats. Therefore I suppose it might not be a good idea to have as much as I do if you are not doing it as part of a well-informed and well-constructed diet for your own lifestyle. It’s up to you to find out what works for you. 🙂

  1. I have tried several different brands of hemp oil, and it hasn’t really helped me with anxiety or sleep. Yes, a little drowsy, but nothing more.
    However, I have had the worst nightmares taking it, so keep trying different ones.

  2. Very thought provoking – without the USAs stupid policy on cannabis this would have been properly investigated fifty years ago. There are obviously beneficial properties. But what is the downside?

    1. I agree there needs to be a lot more research it would help a lot of people had the research been done earlier. For me the downside is the drowsiness and nightmares.

  3. Woow I try it too and usually I have vivid dreams but this time when I tried hemp oil it’s seems like my head was full of “people “all night 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. Yeah that does happen. You have to be careful using it and I would suggest stopping the use of hemp oil if the effects become increasingly difficult to handle.

  4. I’ve been thinking of trying it for a while to help with sleeping and anxiety, but I have also heard about the nightmares from many people. I already experience enough on my own so maybe it’s not the right fit for me! Thanks for the review! 🙂

    1. Glad the review helped! I would suggest CBD instead because personally it doesn’t give me nightmares. I have a post on CBD coming out today if you’re interested check it out!

  5. Very interesting. I’ve heard a bit about hemp oil, but haven’t tried it yet. After reading your post, I think it might be worth a try. I have trouble staying asleep at night, so it could probably help with that. Thanks for sharing!
    I also nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It’s entirely voluntary, so there’s no pressure. Your content is so interesting and engaging. I really enjoy it, and I think you really deserve this award! 😊 You can check my post out here!

    1. Happy to share my experiences so it can help others! I personally would suggest reading my CBD oil post first as it’s more helpful. It comes out tonight.
      Thanks so much for the nomination I will definitely check it out!

  6. PoojaG:
    Thanks for the info. I was under the auspices that you are into natural things. You read my blog on how I was blessed to overcome anxiety. An associate of mine was telling me about CBD how it really helped. But I read through your comments and see you are coming out with a blog about that too. Also, I researched a site that I thought might help. Here’s the link: Blessings and Peace.

  7. I live in Seattle and have tried different oils with different percentages of both ingredients. In my own experience I have to say that the pure hemp oil does not work for me. I do use it as a balm on aching joints.

    1. Yeah I definitely think different things work for different people depending on what the problem is and how your body reacts to hemp.

  8. Hi there, I’m glad to hear that you have had some good results with this – it makes sense that you would because of the essential-ness of Essential Fatty Acids for proper human function! Have you tried breathing exercises for anxiety? I used to suffer from outright attacks, and Chi Gung (chines yoga and breathing stuffs) really helped me get a handle on it. There’s also Pranayama, the yogic technique which I have heard achieves the same results – i.e. it begins to give you a degree of conscious control of your emotional responses to situations with breathing and relaxation. Hope this helps!

    1. I’ve actually moved on to using CBD oil instead because I had really good results with that. I find breathing exercises extremely helpful as well and have been doing them for a couple of months and have seen real progress. Thank you!

      1. It’s so pricey that I’ve never tried it, but I have heard good things about it for all kinds of things. Essential Fatty Acids are still a thing though, and even if it isn’t Hemp Oil you use, but Olive or Pumpkin Seed or Linseed, then they are still something to ensure you get enough of, regardless of any medical complaints. Just speaking from personal research and experience here, for what it’s worth! All the best, Tim

        1. Yeah CBD oil is ridiculously priced especially if you get it from one of those really fancy expensive CBD companies. I agree with you about the essential fatty acids for sure- I still drink hemp milk and have found it extremely beneficial in a lot of ways.

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