Six Word Story #61

Slowly but surely it gets better.

Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month I decided to include a six word story that is related to mental health. When we are experiencing anxiety, depression or any other form of mental health problems it may seem like the end of the world. However, over time it is possible to get better and learn how to live with the illness. Don’t give up on yourself- trust that it will get better. 

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45 thoughts on “Six Word Story #61

  1. Ok, so this is juvenile, but inappropriate humor is one of my coping mechanisms… The first thought I had after, “hey, that’s nice,” was, “Like poop, this too shall pass.” Hahaha… yeah, I’m almost 40.
    I appreciate you!

    1. Honestly that’s a pretty normal way to cope. I actually do that too and kind of have to watch myself and not say dumb thing out loud or when they’re not appropriate lol.

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