5 Things I Miss While Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has been an incredible journey and experience for me. It has allowed me to grow as a person by forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and really experience a lot of new things. However, there are some things that I miss back home and I thought I would share them with you guys.

The Food

You guys know I’m a foodie and I love trying new foods and finding new places to eat. However, at the end of the day I kind of really crave the food I had back home sometimes. As great as trying new food is sometimes you miss the good old food you were so used to. As much as I love the food here in Canada I also really miss the food back home. I guess since we’re so used to the food back home nothing ever compares to it. One thing you’ll really miss while studying abroad is home food, especially home cooked meals.


If you are moving abroad to study on your own one thing you will really miss is your family. Meeting new people and having new experiences is great but you will end up missing your family too. Sometimes you just want to share a meal with your whole family or watch a movie with them. It’s one thing I really cherish whenever I go back to Kenya and I try to spend as much time with them as I can.


I have made a lot of amazing friends while studying abroad and met some really incredible people but there’s a bound you have with your friends back home that’s just different. There’s something about growing up together that makes you closer in a way that takes years. My high school friends that have kept in touch with me are an important part of my life and I do really miss them sometimes. However, I am very grateful I was able to make some really great friends here too.


A lot of times I see friends and family members having experiences back home and that FOMO starts creeping up on me. I really miss some of the experiences I can only have in Kenya especially when my friends and family are able to experience them. I’m happy that they get these experiences but I just wish I could be there with them.


I am very lucky to have a really lovely place to stay in Canada but sometimes I kind of just miss home you know. Nothing ever compares to your home that you have so many childhood and teenage memories in, that you grew up in. It’s a mix of having family around, having good memories there and just plain old being used to it.

Your Thoughts

Have you studied abroad or are you currently studying abroad? If so what did you or do you miss about home? If you haven’t lived abroad what do you think you would miss most about home if you ever do end up living in a different country? Let me know in the comments below!

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59 thoughts on “5 Things I Miss While Studying Abroad

  1. Although I study here in my country I got in a university somewhat far away from my hometown, sometimes I only go home during weekends but if I have exams I’m like out for a month or maybe the whole semester. I specifically miss my mom’s cooking, for me hers is like the best comfort food. haha and I miss my siblings too, my dogs, and yes home. Just being at home and not worrying about what food you’ll have for dinner (because mom’s got you) or not having to sleep alone. Those were the things I missed. <3

    1. I seriously miss my mum’s cooking so much as well. Even if I use her recipe to make something it doesn’t turn out as good as hers lol. I live with my sister but I miss our cat a lot too.

  2. I have not studied abroad but I did teach abroad in Brazil. Such experiences change us and how we view life. I have had 11 international trips. I loved each of them and my life was enriched.
    One thing that can be hard is reentry to a person’s home culture. Having had such a huge experience and finding people who can relate to it.

    1. Yeah it can be difficult to re-assimilate with your own home culture after being away for so long. You are so lucky to have so many experiences abroad though I would love to travel that much some day!

  3. Me too! More so during this quarantine period! Being stuck in the house alone really made me miss home
    It’s good to know someone else is going through the same struggles I’m going through while studying abroad 😂
    Good post!

    1. Yeah same- this quarantine made me miss home a bit more than usual because now I don’t have a lot going on. You are definitely not alone!

  4. I wasn’t fortunate enough to study abroad, with all the enriching experiences that entails, but I have been fortunate to spend time working abroad.
    That is what I regret so much about Brexit – it narrows the opportunities for our children. It puts obstacles in the way of travelling, working and studying abroad.

    1. Yeah it does narrow the opportunities which is very sad. Living abroad really gives you so many amazing experiences and lessons.

  5. There’s no place like home, but how wonderful that you are having this study abroad experience. And it seems like you are taking full advantage of the opportunity. Enjoy!

  6. I agree 👍🏻but I have found almost all Indian foods here in Canada ….🥘.. it depends on the area where you live I guess..😊👍🏻

    1. I have found Indian stuff in Canada too but I’m Kenyan and I would love to make Kenyan food here but it is very difficult to get specific ingredients in Canada for most African foods.

  7. I feel you, Pooja! I miss everything and everyone back home. What I miss the most is sharing a meal with the whole family. We have a rule where everyone should be eating in the dining room at the same time every dinner. Even if we’re done eating, we’re still there sharing stories and all.

    1. Yeah we do the same thing back home- we always have dinner together and I have really missed that time spent together. Unfortunately, it’s these little things that we miss the most!

  8. I can relate to missing friends and food, for sure! I studied abroad for only one semester while in Undergrad and while I loved the country… a part of me missed home!

  9. I struggle being in am unfamiliar place without the safety net of people I know. I really enjoy trying new things, but travelling anywhere by myself, even within my home country, can be a bit stressful. If I had to pick somewhere, I’ve always loved snow, so as I commented on Camilla’s post: maybe Canada is the place for me if I ever go back to study!

    1. Yeah I used to be that way too which is kind of why I forced myself to move. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Canada is a great place if you love snow although the snow can get annoying sometimes lol!

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