Giraffe Centre Experience

As you guys know travelling is not something that is recommended right now so I am not really doing any travelling at the moment but I do miss it a lot. I also really miss sharing my experiences with you guys and showing you pictures of everything I saw. I feel like blogging has really helped me get out of my comfort zone and explore more which I love. I was going through my phone and I realised there were so many travel experiences/experiences in general that I had last year that I hadn’t been able to share on my blog so I decided to start sharing some of them to kind of remind myself of how fun travel is even I can’t travel any time soon.

In this post I decided to share my experience at Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. We had such an amazing time there and as always the giraffe’s were just so cute. We also had a lot of fun just being outside and hanging out as well as you can tell by MistryLand and I cracking up in one of the pictures and me doing something I don’t do a lot- actually smiling like for real in the pictures lol!

Have you guys ever been to Giraffe Centre? Have you ever fed a giraffe? Would you like to see more travel/experience posts from my older travels/experiences? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thought!

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141 thoughts on “Giraffe Centre Experience

  1. I have never been to giraffe center. But when I was a little boy my parents would spoil me and drive from Vancouver Canada to Seattle in the USA so I could go to the zoo and feed the giraffes. They spoiled me obviously as it was a 3 Hour Drive each way. There was also a giraffe in a wild game reserve in the Okanogan when I moved here as an adult . I still remember feeding it and it had the wildest long purple blue tongue and it didn’t gross me up although it was a little bit sticky. I was never afraid of giraffes and that they were very gentle.

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    1. Oh wow that’s so nice of your parents to do and it must have been such an amazing treat for you as well! Yes they do have those sticky tongues but I don’t find them gross either- I think they’re quite cute. This one is about one and a half hours away from where I live back home so it’s not too far.

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  2. It looks so cool! Kinda reminds me of the African Lions Safari in Ontario but I think they discontinued it a few years ago. Sometimes I go to the zoo here in Calgary just to see the giraffes! Too bad we can’t feed them – that would be fun.🦒🦒🦒

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  3. This is such an amazing experience! I have only seen giraffes from afar once, and it’s so cool to see them looking so calm, walking around like they’re having the moment of their life. 😍 Sadly, I wasn’t able to feed them. Btw, I would love to read more of your past travels.

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  4. Aah!! Thank you so much for sharing this Pooja! I have never seen a walking, talking, breathing giraffe ever! On a side note, you are sooo pretty!! 🥰

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      1. I think I would need to step out of the country for that. I hope I can in the near future! Wishing for nCovid to clear out already 🥺 Stay safe! ❤️

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  5. Oh, my goodness, Pooja, thank you for sharing these giraffe pics! I have never fed a giraffe, but I saw a mama and a baby giraffe once while on safari. It was a breathtaking experience. Your pictures took me back to that moment.

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        1. I don’t know if any are open at the moment and even they are I’m not sure how safe it is to go places right now. I guess you can add it to your travel bucket list and go whenever you’re able to!

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  6. I was born and have lived in Nairobi all my life and I have been to the Giraffe Centre only once. What a shame! Thanks for reigniting the ‘local tourism’ fire in me and us lol, I see from the comments I’m not alone. Once it’s back open I’m going to pay a visit asap!

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    1. Thank you and yes I would definitely recommend going there when it’s open again! I think we sometimes don’t think of local travels as travel but it really is and you can end up having a lot of fun.

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      1. LOL. Nope! 🤦‍♂️
        Imagine a giraffe with a pet owl on its shoulder 😄, and a little Misty running around between its legs. 😍😍😍

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          1. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
            She’d bark at the owl on top of the giraffe, which will spook the giraffe and create a giraffe stampede!

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              1. The owl will float down, then start running along the ground whilst Misty chases it… it would be desperately cute but also terrifying at the same time!

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  7. LOVED reading this post so much! I am an avid giraffe lover so really enjoyed the pictures! Glad that I found your blog and subscribed!! So excited to read more of your posts!

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  8. Ooh that’s really neat, I’ve seen them before at Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. Nat-geo does an incredible job but nothing beats seeing these animals in person. My favs away from the big cats are the buffalo and gorrilas. They are enormous compared to what you may think from seeing them on TV. Partly because it’s rare to see them in perspective with human beings on TV, because they are so dangerous.
    Everything is bigger tho.
    I’ve been to the Serengeti np a few times too.

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    1. Sorry I went on a rant in your comments section, that’s what happens when you wake up and see one of your favourite things from one of your favourite bloggers.
      Beautiful post and pictures

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    2. I’ve seen gorilla’s but never buffalo’s- I definitely want to see those some day! I agree seeing animals in person just hits different and it’s always such an amazing experience to be around wildlife.

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