Awesome Blogger Award #5

Thank you!

I want to thank Manaswi Tanwar for nominating me for this award. She has an amazing blog with posts about a little bit of everything so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll probably find it there. Feel free to go over and check out her blog by clicking here. 


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
  • Answer the question you were asked.
  • Nominate atleast 5 bloggers and inform them about their nomination.
  • Give them ten new questions to answer.


1. Describe your personality in one word?


2. Which dish do you cook the best?

Kimchi pancakes or chili!

3. Played a prank on your best friend? Wanna share details?

Not really- I’m not a prank person to be honest…

4. What is one weird habit that you want to change?

I want to stop being fidgety.

5. Share details of your first blog post?

It was about the psychology behind cults and you can check it out by clicking here!

6. What do you think about existence of life outside Earth?

There is no way Earth is the only place with life. I mean the universe is insanely huge- it’s insane to think we’re here all alone. 

7. Your go-to outfit?

Red lips and little black dress. 

8. What does fitness mean to you?

Not a fitness person sorry. 

9. Your favorite movie?

Star Wars!

10. Do you like reading my blog? If yes, why?

Yes because you’re interesting and unique!

My Nominees

If you’re reading this post and feel as though this may be something you want to participate in please consider yourself nominated and use the same questions I did- I would love to read your take on them! And if you don’t want to do an entire post dedicated to it you can leave the answers in the comments below.

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103 responses to “Awesome Blogger Award #5”

  1. Congrats ! 💖 Liked your answers 🙂

    1. Thank you!

  2. You sure get lots of awards, Pooja! 😊

    1. I’m very honoured!

  3. Congratulations!!!🥳🎊🎉

    1. Thank you!

  4. justcalmwildness Avatar

    Congratulations. Btw I tried Kimchi pancakes courtesy of you

    1. Thank you! Did you like them?

      1. justcalmwildness Avatar


  5. I misread “Awesome” for “Another.” Another Blogger Award… then I was like, hmm… sarcasm? Or truth? Haha Keep em’ coming! Always nice learning more about you. 🙂
    Yes, I agree that there has got to be more life that exists beyond this earth. I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens were real, but I don’t think they’re like the Hollywood aliens. Like how Viking horns are something that Hollywood came up with; Vikings didn’t actually have those horns.
    Fun fact: My ancestors were actually Viking! One trait we have is reddish hair when we’re outside in the sun. I have it and so does my 3-year old! She has strawberry-brown hair. As a kid I had strawberry-blonde hair (now it’s strawberry-brown) but only when I’m outside in the sunshine! ☀️

    1. Haha lol!
      Yeah I don’t think it’s anything like Hollywood makes it out to be either. If anything they probably just look a lot like we do.
      Ooh that’s so cool! Is your hair completely red or is it reddish like your daughters?

      1. I had blonde hair as a kid and now it’s brown, but in the sunlight it’s golden brown-red. My daughter has brown hair that is reddish in the sun too. Our hair is pretty much the same color. She has my skin tone even though she’s half Asian.

        1. That’s really nice- you guys kept some of your viking features.

  6. Congratulations 🎉

  7. Congratulations 🎉💐👍🤗

  8. I don’t think you are weird. Interesting yes

    1. Aww thanks I’m glad you think I’m interesting!

  9. Congratulations 👏❤️

    1. Thank you!

  10. Congrats!
    😂Not a fitness person. Me too.

    1. Lol there’s more of us out there!

  11. Another congratulations to you.

    1. Thank you!

  12. Congratulations 🎈

    1. Thank you!

  13. Congratulations. Well deserved.

    1. Thank you so much!

  14. Congrats! Love replies #2 and #6

    1. Thank you!!

  15. Yes Pooja, may the force be with you! I love Star Wars too. Such a great saga. Unpopular opinion: I like the sequels. I know the fandom might regard them as ‘sacreligious’ but I’m a bit of a fan…

    1. Thank you! Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with the sequels. Personally, I don’t think they were as good as the original three but I didn’t think they were bad- they were quite interesting in their own way.

      1. I’m glad I’m not alone there! Nothing beats the originals of course, but my brother is adamant that the sequels are terrible. They’re unique and cringy in places, but oh I do love cringy films 🤪

        1. Cringey films are actually kind of fun to watch lol! My dad hates the sequels too but I don’t completely hate them- I think they had their redeeming moments. The last one wasn’t the best though I will admit that. Still don’t hate it- just not super into it.

  16. Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you!

  17. congratulatiooooons!!

    1. Thank you!

  18. Many more congratulations

    1. Thank you so much!

      1. You’re so welcome

  19. Congratulations

    1. Thank you!

  20. Congrats 🥳 That is great 👍

    1. Thank you!

  21. Wowwww congrats on yet another award!!🎉😊

    1. Thank you so much!

  22. Congrats! I looked at that fitness question like “uhmmm nope” 😂

    1. Lol same tho!!

  23. Congratulations!! 🎉 💞

    1. Thank you!

  24. You’ve been nominated as an awesome blogger so many times you must actually be an awesome blogger! Lol. I also love when people can admit they’re not into fitness. It just seems expected these days that we all go to the gym. I hate working out! I do it because I’m a single old man and every year that passes brings on increasing levels of existential dread, but I don’t enjoy it at all. Haha. Kimchi pancakes… never heard of that. Having a hard time picturing what that would taste like but I trust your judgment!

    1. Haha I guess I must be awesome then… Kidding! I know everyone seems very into fitness these days but I’m just really not and I don’t want to lie about it just because it’s a trend. Lol I can’t imagine anyone enjoying working out but apparently a lot of people do. Kimchi pancakes are so good you need to try them at some point if you have any Korean stores/restaurants near you!

      1. Nope 🙁 Korean food hasn’t really made its mark on the midwest yet. I ate a lot of Korean when I lived in Los Angeles but not pancakes!

        1. Yeah most Korean food is really good but pancakes are my go to just because they’re so easy to make. Korean food is definitely not available everywhere for sure.

  25. Congrats! Pull out the light Saber and you will automatically get exercie too. You don’t have to like it but it is good for you. Then eat away those kimchi pancakes.

    1. Haha yes using a lightsaber would be a good way to get some exercise! I try to do like half an hour of yoga daily but that’s about it for me.

      1. The “kids” tear around the house with them which is really fun. 1/2 hour of yoga is great.

        1. Haha that definitely sounds fun!

          1. You need to visit when all
            If this is over and we’ll have a saber yoga night-:)

            1. Omg a saber yoga night sounds like a dream come true!!

              1. Totally! I’m marking the calendar. ❣️

                1. 💖💖

  26. Congrats on your achievement 👍🏻😊

    1. Thank you!

    1. Thank you!

  27. I loved the ‘weird’ and ‘fidgeting’ part
    And Congrats Pooja👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤..
    You’re an awesome writer who deserves it!!👏🏼👏🏼

    1. Haha thank you so much!!

  28. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you!

  29. Congratulations on your award!! You can never go wrong with a little black dress 🥰😍

    1. Thank you! Agreed LBD’s are such a lifesaver!

  30. Congratulations Pooja, loved your go-to outfit 😍

    1. Thank you so much!!

  31. Great answers!!

    1. Thank you!

  32. Congratulations!!🥰😍 I really want to try Kimchi pancakes!😋

    1. Thanks and you totally should- they’re delicious!

      1. I will definitely try them someday!🥰👌🏻

  33. Number 6. My husband says the same thing! And number 7 yesssssssss! I’m a red lipstick girl. I loveeeee it LOL 🙂

    1. Yes you can never go wrong with red lipstick!!

  34. Congrats on your awesome blogger award PoojaG!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  35. Congratulations 🎉

    1. Thank you!

      1. You’re welcome

  36. Congratulations on your award nomination

    1. Thank you!

  37. Congratulations for the award 🙂
    Thanks for the acknowledgement! You truly deserve this award. #awesomeblogger and an awesome person.. Looking pretty in black dress 🙂

    1. Thanks again for the nomination and for the sweet comment!

  38. Congratulations on your award nomination! Love wearing a little black dress and red lipstick too, it never goes out of style.

    1. Thank you! Yes that’s such a simple but classy look.

  39. Hi:
    I’ve changed my blog’s site name. Can you get to my new blogs site? I’ve not had any readers. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Yes I can get to it but it may not work in certain browsers so you may want to talk to WP helpers about it.

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