How To Manage Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

Managing Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

I took a survey/poll a while back and asked what you guys wanted to see on lifesfinewhine or if there were any specific blogging topics you guys wanted to see me write about and one of the suggestions I got was to write on how I maintain by blog while having a busy life.

I am a full time student at university at the moment and as a history major you can image how busy I can get sometimes with all the reading and writing that comes along with history. I also get super busy with blogging because over the last few years my blog has grown quite a bit and it takes a lot more time to respond to everyone and maintain my blog- not that I’m complaining because I truly do love blogging!

Here are some of the tricks I use to manage my blog and my life:

Schedules Are Your Friend

When you have a busy life your schedule becomes your best friend. It’s very important to maintain a balance in your life but without a schedule it becomes easy to become more preoccupied with one thing and ignore the other aspects of your life. In order to avoid this it’s a good idea to create a schedule- it would be best to create daily schedules but if you are unable to do this try coming up with weekly schedules- as this can help you maintain a balance in your life.

If you read my posts on my blogging journey you probably know that maintaining my blog while being a full time student was extremely difficult for me and if was one of the biggest struggles I faced. However, what really helped me with this was scheduling a certain amount of time every day for blogging. This helped me make sure that my blog was not neglected even when I did end up getting more busy with school and life in general and that I was posting on a regular basis.

It may be a bit difficult at first and as a professional procrastinator I was very tempted to take a break or put off blogging but I forced myself to not procrastinate and eventually blogging became a part of my life and now it’s just become a habit to spend a certain amount of time every day on my blog.

Be Proactive

We all have days when we are more busy. If you are a student the days when you have tests, exams or assignments due are the days when you are probably more busy. For people who are not students you may have busier days at work sometimes, if you don’t work at the moment you may have certain days when you have errands to run etc. For days like these it is better to be prepared because things don’t always go as planned and you may be forced to change your schedule a little bit due to circumstances.

What I like to do is keep some posts written in advance and ready to publish for days when I am super busy and may not have time to work on a post. When my fall and winter semester are going on I try to write as many posts as I can over the weekend so that I just have to edit and post them on the weekdays when I have classes and don’t have as much free time.

I would also totally recommend writing shorter posts when you are busy as those don’t take as long and saving the longer posts for when you have more time. I know that my lifestyle posts and my blogging advice posts are usually 1500-2000 words and therefore I like to publish those on days when I don’t have other things going on as I know I will need a certain amount of time to work on them. On the other hand, I know that my six word stories and poetry posts are much shorter so I usually end up doing these when I don’t have as much time to blog.

It’s Okay To Mess Up

Schedules are great, being proactive is great but messing up once in a while is also totally okay. Sometimes life gets busy, sometimes a pandemic occurs and life gets crazy. A lot of things can’t be planned in advance and a lot of times things occur that we may not have expected or foreseen and therefore as great as having a schedule is we may not always be able to stick with our schedule. If something does happen and you are unable to post for whatever reason or you are unable to put as much time into your blog as you had hoped to don’t beat yourself up about it. These things happen to everyone.

I would also recommend taking some time off every week to relax and do nothing because if you force yourself to blog you will end up taking all the fun out of it and feeling really burnt out. You may also end up with writers block. That’s why it’s important to take some to just relax and do nothing for a bit. It could be a few minutes each day, an hour or even one day every week. Just make sure not to force yourself to a point where it starts effecting you negatively or taking a toll on your mental health.

Ask For Help

If you are feeling overwhelmed or if you feel like you need some help with the whole blogging thing make sure to ask for help. This makes your life a lot easier and will save you lots of time. I’ll give you a few examples of what I’ve personally been through to help you get a better understanding of what I mean.

As a blogger you are expected to come up with ideas for blog posts on a regular basis but if you are busy with school or work or just life in general this may not always be possible. However, this is where the asking for help comes in. You can take a poll or a survey and ask your audience what they want to see on your blog and ask for topics they want you to write about. I think it is sort of a win-win for everyone- your readers get to read specific posts on your blog that they want you to write about and you get new ideas for blog posts and save your time and energy by getting ideas for blog posts from your readers. I recently took a survey like this to get some topic ideas and to better figure out what my audience wanted to read on my blog and this blog post was actually one of the ideas!

You can also do Q and A’s, challenges, tags etc which are shorter/easier to write and less time consuming. Plus, it’s a great way to interact with your readers and fellow bloggers.

Sharing Is Caring

This is something I used to do a lot in my first three years of blogging because I did not have a proper schedule yet and I was also extremely busy with school and then first year of university so I did not have enough time to come up with blog posts every day or every other day or once a week. What I would do was I would try to stay active even if I could not post on a regular basis because when it comes to blogging staying active is very important if you want to grow your blog.

I would read other blogs and I would find some blogs that I found particularly interesting or sometimes helpful and I would reblog those. I think this is a really great way to stay active when you don’t have time to write posts of your own and again it’s really a win-win for everyone. The person who’s blog post you shared gets a free backlink and a larger audience since you shared the post with your readers and you get to stay active and post on your blog without having to write an entire blog post of your own. It is a really great way to support other bloggers as well as keep your blog active when you are short on time.

Your Thoughts

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it beneficial. What are some of the ways you manage your blog while maintaining a balance life? Do you find it difficult to juggle blogging and life? Do you have a schedule or do you blog more randomly? How long have you been blogging? Let me know in the comments below because you know I always love getting comments from you guys.

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136 thoughts on “How To Manage Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

    1. Thank you so much! I think reblogging is such a win-win and it’s quite helpful if you reblog posts from smaller bloggers because it gives them more exposure.

  1. Great Job Pooja, when I get your blog post alerts I marvel and wonder how you are getting it all done. Thanks for the tips, will just have to keep working on balancing till I master it.

  2. Great post. It’s really hard being a full time student and a blogger at the same time. I’m a law student and I totally understand. I just try as much as possible to schedule posts whenever I have a bit of free time. I also set out tine everyday to write posts, mostly at night. I’ll use some of the other tips. Very helpful.

    1. I can imagine how difficult it must be as a law student. But yes scheduling and keeping posts ready in advance does help a lot.

  3. Really great advice. This post would definitely keeps me going for my blogging career ahead.
    Also, as a successful blogger, I would like you to give a feedback of my blog and suggestions for my upcoming posts

    1. Add value, simply put.
      Blogging about blogging seems to do really well, BUT, it has to be a passion, You can google the top 10 topics then put your spin, personal experiences into the posts.
      As for consistency, I’ve heard it mentioned a few times that the best way is to post then wait until you get 3-4 comments, then do another post. If that take a few days, a week. Starting out weekly is suggested, then spend time networking, you have to not only add value with your posts buy with your comments as well.
      Look at blogging as going to a party; you can’t stand in the corner all night waiting for people to come to chat to you, you have to have some conversations, some people will not want to talk to you, some short, others you will have in-depth discussions, THESE ARE YOUR YOUR CORE FOLLOWERS.
      I hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for the ‘tips. I may have to reblog you. I’m working in education, selling teacher resources, and trying to blog. Oh, and I’m a Parkinson’s Disease warrior! Any help is appreciated. Lisa

  5. Well done, Pooja! I need to get a schedule going! Life seems to intervene quite a bit with four kids, especially with#3, who is struggling so hard. Thanks for the ideas! God bless!

    1. I can definitely understand how difficult it must get for you to blog while taking care of the kids and I hope these tips help!

  6. Helpful post, I love the part schedules are your friends and be proactive, also caring is sharing and it is not bad to mess up sometimes times. No one is perfect

  7. Great Post and tips Pooja!
    I just wanted to let you know I just posted my awards and awknowledged you front and center there so enjoy the read and Read all the way to the bottom to pick your awards😘

  8. “professional procrastinator”😅😅… you’re not alone on that one. Anyways always getting a topic to blog about is not easy. For me writing my poetic pieces takes time which may leave my blog inactive for a while. So lately I’m trying satire, and people are appreciating it. Just to fill in at times.
    Thanks for sharing, Pooja💚

    1. I do appreciate the satire for sure! I think trying something new is a great way to keep your blog interesting and it stops you from running out of ideas.
      Thanks for the comment!!

  9. This was helpful Pooja, I feel as if many of us are struggling with working remote, children underfoot, and trying to keep up on our blogging. Great hints and suggestions for managing our blogs. I like the “have a day of rest,” idea the best. C

    1. Haha thank you! Yes I think it can be difficult when you have other stuff going on but taking some time off is always a plus haha!

  10. I loved that you added that messing up is okay, it’s not always perfect and people (myself included) tend to forget that. The government announced earlier today that we’d be expected to go back to schools soon. I’m kinda nervous and hoping that I’d be able to stay active on the blog because I really am enjoying being here. Going to apply these tips and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Yeah there is a lot of pressure to be perfect but I think it’s only natural to mess up once in a while. Things happen in life that we can’t always control and we should not be too hard on ourselves.
      Good luck with going back to school- I start soon too but only online classes- and I really hope you continue to blog because I really do enjoy reading your posts!

  11. I definitely agree with having time set aside in your schedule weekly to write your blog. Also, I always stop what I’m doing and write down potential blog topics during the week when I think of topics or come across good ideas from other people posts. Therefore, when I do get ready to write it’s easier for me to pick my topic.

    1. I’ve been keeping a notebook with me and noting ideas down as well and sometimes I’ll write them on my phone and that definitely helps as well!

  12. Thank you fur sharing. I have a scheduled time to publish my two blog posts a week, but I am not meeting that self imposed expectation at the moment. I think, as you say, I need to take some time to put proper daily schedules in place so I know how much time I have around work, playing ultimate frisbee, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. These are my three main time commitments which have set times. Writing my book and other stories, blogging, and making music all happen haphazardly at present. I need to fix this.
    When you say “reblog” are you referring to the button next to the like button? Please excuse my ignorance, I’m still getting a handle if much of this blogging business, even though I’ve been doing it for the better part of two years now!
    Thanks again.

    1. Yes it takes a while to get your schedule right but it’s worth it when you do- at least for me it definitely was.
      No worries! Yes it is the button next to the like button. I love reblogging since it’s a great way to give other bloggers an audience and it’s good for you too as your blog stays active.

  13. UGH! Huge problem! I am a big fan of schedules too… I schedule EVERYTHING. I don’t feel like I’m prepared unless my daily planner page is filled with way too many things to do, lol. Somehow I still manage to get them done. It’s like having a plan keeps me from wasting time. I still factor in “fun time” so it’s not like I’m pushing myself to the breaking point every day; I’m just less likely to get distracted in the middle of a task.
    And to your second point, just doing it is the most important step. I used to always wait around for motivation and it never seemed to come. Now I just force myself to get started and usually find myself motivated shortly after. Funny how that works huh!

    1. Yeah I’ve been scheduling everything like crazy these days as well lol. I take some time off as well to do some art or read or listen to music.
      Yeah I think once you get started you’ll get inspired. The main thing is to just sit down and start.

    1. Yeah I feel really anxious when I don’t have posts ready as well. It’s just so much easier when you have them ready in advance. Thank you!

  14. great suggestions as always! I also love that you added that things happen and it is absolutely normal – Longer term, the risk is that it can feel like a “commitment” rather than something people enjoy doing, and that would be a shame!

    1. Thank you! Yeah the fun gets taken out of it if you force yourself to post. You should write because you want to not because you have to.

  15. It’s been few months that we have started blogging. Your blogs are very motivating and inspiring. You write so well. We would like to know some more tips and ideas for beginners as you have experience of many years. We will be grateful to you if you help us.

  16. Am here as a beginner and i find this more helpful to me, i have a number of ideas that i would love to share as a blogger but since i am still learning, i will hold on and learn from you guys by reading and sharing your blogs.

  17. I am really bad with consistency and always tend to procrastinate when it comes to blogging.
    Re-blogging and writing in advance sounds like a very good idea. X

  18. Thank you so much for this! I just started blogging but I’m taking a pretty heavy load of advanced classes this year, all online. I feel much more prepared to do my best for both.

  19. I really need all the advice on how to manage. I am basically scrambling to get things done and often I don’t even have time to read my post again before posting. I often find grammar mistakes and alignment issues after posting, which is quite embarrassing.

    1. I hope this helps. I have the same issue sometimes and find it difficult to post daily. Alignment issues and grammar mistakes are normal- they happen to most people so don’t beat yourself up about it.

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