5 Foods I Love And 5 I Hate

Foods I Love Vs Foods I Hate

Today I decided to talk about something we all love- food! I talk a lot about foods I love, foods I make on regular basis, recipes I love and what I eat in a day. So I thought I would do a bit more of that and talk about five foods that I absolutely love and I thought to make things a bit interesting I would also talk about five foods that I hate!
I am pretty open to new foods and it is quite rare that I don’t like something but there are some foods that I just would never eat because every time I put them in my mouth my taste buds are just like nope. On the other hand, there are certain foods that I absolutely love and could probably eat every day without getting sick of them.

For today’s post I decided to stick with brands that I love and brands that I try to avoid as much as humanly possible. I decided that I would do this in two or three parts and write about specific foods I love and hate later on in the next post. The products that I mention will of course be vegan but the companies or brands may not be.
I also wanted to thank the person who left the suggestion for this post on the survey. The survey does not let me see who left the suggestion so if it’s you and you asked me to write about foods I love vs foods I hate let me know in the comments! If you want to take this survey and let me know what you want me to write about please click here.

Foods I Love


I am such a huge fan of Alexia products especially their onion rings. Alexia has a number of vegan frozen foods like fries, onion rings and more. I like that their products are super easy to make and although I rarely eat them as I try to avoid eating too much frozen foods I do always enjoy it when I do make them.

I think they’re great to eat when you make something like burgers or pizza because these would be the perfect thing to eat along with it. I also like that they don’t have that gross frozen food taste that some frozen foods have. I don’t know if I’m just weird but I feel like some frozen foods have a distinct taste that makes it taste a bit off.


Original Almondmilk | Silk®
Image source: https://silk.com/plant-based-products/almondmilk/original-almondmilk/
Silk is one of the very few vegan milk brands that I love! I loved milk before going vegan so I can be a bit picky about milk substitutes. I know a lot of people who drink Silk milk will agree that they have the creamiest, most delicious milk. Their almond milk is my go-to and I drink it almost every single day especially before when I had in-school classes. I would usually just drink some almond milk or make something like a smoothie with the almond milk.

Enjoy Life

Eat Freely - Enjoy Life Foods® | Allergy Friendly & Gluten-Free‎
Image source: https://enjoylifefoods.com/
I’m not going to lie- I like my junk food lol! I do try to avoid eating too much junk food because obviously it’s not great for you but I love eating something sweet once in a while and honestly Enjoy Life has the best vegan cookies and brownies ever.

They taste so much like non-vegan ones that the first time I had one of their mini-brownies I had to look for the wrapper and make sure it’s vegan. My sister who is not vegan also eats them all the time and loves them. This is definitely my favourite brand when it comes to sweet snacks or desserts.


This is one brand that I have a weird love and hate relationship with. I love some of their products like the crumbles or the tenders and I do buy them once in a while when I want to make something with it. I also really like that the products are super easy to cook and you can find them at pretty much every store.

Deep Foods

Deep Punjabi Style Samosa (Jumbo) - 8 pcs (FROZEN) :: Frozen Snacks - Samosas :: Frozen Foods :: iShopIndian.com
Image source: https://www.ishopindian.com/deep-punjabi-style-samosa-jumbo-8-pcs-frozen-pr-26166/
I don’t eat a lot of Indian food and I especially avoid frozen Indian food because it’s super easy for me to just make them at home most of the time and I feel like it’s a waste to buy something frozen when you can make it at home. The reason I don’t eat a lot of ready-made or frozen Indian food is because sometimes the taste is a bit too spicy or too bland for me. Not going to lie, it’s probably more of a personal thing because I am so used to eating Indian food that tastes a certain way (thanks mum!).

But for me Deep is the perfect amount of spicy and is super delicious. I was so happy when I found this brand because I finally felt like I was eating a home cooked meal. It’s also super easy to make and they have quite a few vegan options.

Foods I Hate


Mozzarella Cutting Board Shreds | Daiya Foods, Deliciously Dairy-Free
Image source: https://daiyafoods.com/our-foods/shreds/mozzarella-cutting-board-shreds/
Here’s the problem I have with Daiya. It has this distinct Daiya taste that I just hate. I don’t know what that taste it or why only Daiya products have it but it’s super gross. In particular, I really dislike their cheeses and their Mac n’ Cheese. It just has a really disgusting after taste that I can not make peace with.

I also think that it’s kind of tasteless. My theory is that it tastes off because it’s gluten free. I have tried a lot of gluten free products and it’s very difficult to get the taste just right when you make something gluten free. A lot of bands don’t get it right and their food ends up being super tasteless or weird tasting.
I do want to say that Daiya’s dressings and pizza is really good though!

Dr. Praegers

California Veggie Burgers - Kosher Vegan | Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods
Image source: https://drpraegers.com/our-food/california-veggie-burgers/
Dr. Praegers in general is not awful. In fact, it’s quite good it’s just not for me. I know a lot of people enjoy this brand and I can totally understand why. I have tried a few of their patties and they were not bad I just did not think they were that good- especially for the price.

They were really small and tiny, they tasted pretty bland compared to something like beyond patties or the field roast patties and the texture was pretty off. I get that it’s a vegetable patty but I feel like they didn’t really even try to make it more appealing.

My sister actually LOVES their patties so I don’t know I guess it depends on personal taste.


Amy's Kitchen - Amy's Rice Crust Cheese Pizza
Image source: https://www.amys.com/our-foods/cheese-pizza-gluten-free
Amy’s is a brand that I have a serious love-hate relationship with. On the one hand the products of theirs which I love I seriously LOVE them so much. I love their burger patties, their frozen vegan pizza, their vegan burrito and a lot of their frozen vegan meals.

On the other hand, some of their products are seriously a miss and I would literally never buy them ever again. I tried their gluten free pizza before I went vegan (it had non-vegan cheese in it) and I hated it so much. I also really disliked some of their frozen meals.

I will say that in defense of Amy’s the majority of their products are really good. I’ve tried quite a few of the vegetarian ones before going vegan and some of the vegan ones too and they are very good. I think it they tweak the pizza in particular just a little bit it will be really good as well.


I had to add this to my foods I hate list as well because I really do not like some of their products. However, I don’t think their products are the problem- I think I’m the problem. The things is that I really hate meat substitutes because I’ve never eaten meat and I don’t like that meaty taste that vegan meat substitute products have.
I am not a fan of their vegan sausages and vegan bacon because it taste too “meaty.” However, if you are looking for that taste I would totally recommend Yves!

Almond Breeze

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Beverage | Walmart Canada
Image source: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/blue-diamond-almond-breeze-unsweetened-vanilla-beverage/6000107232591

I know a lot of vegans love this brand so don’t hate me lol! I tried their almond milk once when the store did not have the Silk one I like but I just was not really a fan. I felt like it tasted kind of like a watered down version of Silk to be honest.

I like my milk a bit thicker/creamy and this just did not have the right consistency for me. It didn’t taste bad it just tasted a bit blend.


I just wanted to say that the brands I listed in those that I love are just very few of the brands I love. I tried to pick my absolute favourites but to be honest I could have easily listed like 10-15 more. I also wanted to add that the brands I hate are not necessarily bad- they’re just not for me.


What brands do you guys love? What brands do you hate? Have you tried any of the brands I’ve listed above? What are some of your favourite vegan brands? What are some of your least favourite vegan brands? Is there any brand that you totally avoid eating?

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74 thoughts on “5 Foods I Love And 5 I Hate

  1. I’m with you on the yucky foods, Pooja. I do very much like Almond Milk though, have some in the fridge just now. Amy’s brand is hit or miss, the veggie burgers are for an animal or something!

    1. I love almond milk too but not the Almond Breeze one- I don’t know why but I just find it so bland. Lol yeah you really need to be picky when it comes to Amy’s because some of their products are not the best.

  2. I prefer Silk brand products including their almond milk. I’m not a big fan of the Almond Breeze brand. Other bands I dislike are VH sauces (they’re all gross) and Dr Ooetker (however it’s spelled). The cheese on their pizzas is nasty. It took me a very long time to accept Delicio (however it’s spelled). I’ll only eat it if it’s on sale or if my husband buys it since he actually likes it. Also Bic pickles are nasty. There’s something about that brand I just don’t like.
    I think your blog post should be titled, “5 brands I love and 5 I hate.” You listed all brands rather than individual foods like “tomato sauce” or “pineapple” or “chocolate” etc.

    1. I’ve never tried VH sauces but I have had Dr. Oetker’s pizza once and it was awful. I think I’ve tried Delicio once as well like two years ago but I can’t remember whether or not I liked it. The next post which is the second part of this is going to be about specific foods which is why I called it that- it was originally supposed to be one post but got too long!

      1. Right? I love Hawaiian pizza but Dr. Oetker’s is disgusting. The cheese was SO sweet. Cheese is not supposed to be sweet. Btw, I totally copied and pasted Dr. Oetker’s since I can’t spell it LOL
        Yes, that happens sometimes! There’s so much to say but not enough space to say it. People’s attention spans are short. Looking forward to reading Part 2! 😄

        1. Lol the spelling is really hard! Yeah I remember thinking their cheese tastes really fake.
          That happens to me a lot so I usually end up writing everything in parts 😂

  3. I was so happy to see Silk, Alexia, and Enjoy Life in the ‘love’ section lol! 😂 I love those brands so much – it’s funny because I’m realizing that a lot of brands that make good GF food have great Vegan options, too. 💯 with you on Daiya – not for me!! It really does have a distinct taste. BUT seeing the almond milk in the hate section hurt my heart a little! 💔 😂

    1. Yes I feel like a lot of good vegan food is GF as well- so much so that some days I eat completely GF even though I’m not GF. Okay I’m glad it’s not just me who hates that Daiya taste because I’ve seen so many vegan talk about how great it is and I’m just like ew. I love almond milk in general- it’s my favourite- but I just hate Almond Breeze lol!

  4. While I too am vegan, I’m not at all familiar with these brands. Generally, I don’t buy processed food. For example, I make my own almond milk which is so much nicer than any of the brands I’ve tried. I also generally don’t eat vegan versions of meat products such as bacon, sausages or patties.

    1. I used to make my own almond milk back home too and I absolutely agree it’s so much better. It also tastes very fresh which is something most brands lack. I avoid meat substitutes too mostly because I don’t like them.

  5. Lol Pooj – that was really interesting. Thanks. My favourite brands are Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen-Daz. As you can see I like foods rich in vitamins for the palate!

  6. Soymilk has been in the market for long – currently most soybeans are said to be genetically modified (GM). Recently there is an interest on plant based drinks where it is highlighted as sustainable, non-animal based beverage compared to cow’s milk. Current marketing is also pushing people to try and stick to these products. I am not against items like almond milk, but they are all processed foods. Being a food scientist myself, i do occasionally buy almond milk, but wont practice buying it regularly.
    Now lets look at the ingredient list of this product – Silk Almond milk:
    Almondmilk (Filtered Water, Almonds), Cane Sugar, **Vitamin and Mineral Blend (Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2), Sea Salt, Gellan Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Locust Bean Gum, **Ascorbic Acid (to protect freshness), Natural Flavor.
    Lets dig it further::The vitamins and calcium are all added into this product during its preparation. The items like LBG,Gellan are gums that act as stabilizers or thickeners so that product remains stable for a longer period of life (basically assist in shelf life stability). Natural flavour (no indication – but benzaldehye gives that tangy feel on your tongue that comes from almonds), and why there is a need for additional natural flavor when almond itself is used. Also most of these plant based drinks are added with good amount of sugars (14% in this drink). Contains 7% salt.
    Moreover i read that the amount of water consumed to prepare plant based milk like almond milk is much more (so sustainability is again compromised).
    Not to worry, just thought of sharing. Definitely, we should try certain new products, and we human beings always like variety. More of such trends, snacks and related items (plant based meat analogues) will continue to grow. We may also identify the food hype at times!

  7. Those Deep samosa look real yum 🤤. I guess these are brands based outside India, I haven’t come across any. And hey , I have sent you an email just a quick question,do check when you get time.🙂

  8. My sister became vegan months ago. We don’t live together so I’m not sure brand wise what she’s into. She’s more of a cook from scratch person though like you. This was a great idea for this post!

  9. Oh I thought you were going to mention some specific foods so we might have something to argue about! Dr Praegers is funny… my friends and I always read it as Dr Preggers like it’s only for expecting moms.

  10. I really liked this idea for a post! I read it with my boyfriend actually. He says he always see’s that no one gets Daiya products. He also really likes those Veggie Patties like your sis! As for Amy’s I agree those can be a hit or miss. I enjoy their frozen burritos sometimes.

    1. Thank you- you should totally do one of these if you ever get a chance I would love to read your 5 likes/dislikes!
      Most of the vegans I know don’t like Daiya either but for some reason everyone online talks about Daiya especially the cheese like it’s the greatest thing ever lol! Yes Amy’s patties are so good and their burritos are so good too! I don’t know if your boyfriend has tried the vegan pizza but that was pretty good too.

      1. I’m definitely adding it to the list! Thanks for the idea. 😉
        Also we’ve been looking for a vegan pizza in our local supermarkets for the longest but we never seem to get lucky!

        1. I have been looking for frozen pizzas too but honestly they are so hard to find! I’ve just been making them at home and occasionally I get the Daiya one which ironically is not as horrible as their other products but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s good.

  11. Thank you for sharing and this is very informative. To tell you the truth, I haven’t found a favorite brand of vegan brand for myself yet. I tried several brands at one time, but none is satisfactory. So I stopped. Since I only eat very little meat products–one chicken leg and two egg whites a day–I get the rest of the protein from tofu, split peas, and red & black beans. I will be happy to have a brand of fake meat products that I like, but so far I haven’t found any. I love soy milk, but I don’t like the taste of soy milk in the store bought ones. I think I will try one or two of your suggestions to see if I like them.

    1. It’s definitely difficult to find brands that you love since vegan meats don’t always taste like the real thing and can also be quite unhealthy. It’s actually much better to get your protein from tofu and veggies which are high in protein since that’s cheaper and healthier but it is nice to treat yourself occasionally. I didn’t like the store bought soy milk either until I started drinking the one from Silk. It tastes very similar to homemade soy milk.

  12. Not an Amy’s fan. I have tried but just not. Mostly tho I hate peas! Canned, frozen, fresh, in other foods, or just alone drowned in butter. yuck! I should probably seek professional help but I’m a grown ass woman so if I dont want to eat them I’m not. 🙂

      1. One has more chemical names on it than the other. I noticed it when I had a choice between the two. Not sure if better or worse….but less of a list 🙂

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