Guess Who’s Back-ish (An Update)

Thank You!

I want to start this post by thanking everyone for being so kind and patient. And thank you to everyone who reached out to me while I was away from blogging- it truly meant so much to me and kept me going! I know I didn’t always have time to respond as quickly as I would have liked to but I was just so busy with university. You guys have truly become like my Internet family and you seriously have no idea how much I missed blogging and talking to you guys everyday. So much has happened with my blog and I promise I’ll tell you EVERYTHING just not today because it’s a lot to type and I’m feeling a little lazy lol. I think I just need to get used to blogging again. Oh, and thank you to everyone who liked and commented on my post yesterday!! I woke up to so many comments and was so excited. My moderation was switched on so you may not have seen your comment on the post but don’t worry they all came through. Also since this is a new account I am no longer following the blogs I followed on my last one so if I used to follow your blog could you please comment below so I can follow you again. Please and thank you.

Okay, now let me tell you guys everything that has been going on with me and my personal life because it’s been kind of insane.

What Have I Been Up To

The first thing I wanted to tell you guys is that I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast. I feel like it would be a fun extension to the blog. I love writing but I know a lot of times I end up writing super long posts that are like 1000-2000 words and not everyone has time to read those. This way I can elaborate more about stuff I talk about on my blog anyway and if you’re interested you can listen to it and if not you can just read the post and call it a day. I am probably going to do the podcast with my sister so don’t worry it won’t just be me rambling on for like half an hour.

Some of you may remember that I accidently shaved off a part of one of my eyebrows and it never grew back. Well recently I’ve been putting a bit of hemp oil on it and it’s kind of growing back so yay! I’m not sure why I felt like I needed to share that with you but I had been making a list of everything I want to tell you guys about and it was on the list so I decided to share it since at some point I felt like it was important enough that I wanted to tell you about it.

I tried a lot of new foods and drinks while I was not blogging! It gave me time to try out new recipes and I am so excited to share them with you. I also baked cookies alone for the first time in my life because I had to for my History Of Food course and they turned out really great. I will tell you all about it really soon when I talk about my courses last semester. I also watched the movie Parasite for that course and ended up making ramen w/ steak (vegan) which turned out to be the most delicious thing EVER. I also tried oat milk for the first time and I am officially obsessed with it!

Now on to some not so positive and perky things. As you guys know I have anxiety but I also have depression. I am usually fine the majority of the time but sometimes I just get super depressed. Blogging helped a lot with my depression because it gave me an outlet for my feelings and it gave me a way to process my feelings but without blogging I was just holding a lot of stuff in. I’m glad to be blogging again and feel better already.

I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams and nightmares as well. As you guys know I’m terrified of ghosts and little children ghosts in particular seriously scare me. Well the other night- like a month ago actually- I had this dream that a little girl had died in a hospital and her doctor and I were trying to find out who killed her. Then the ghost of the little girl started haunting me and trying to show me who did it and in the end it turned out it was her doctor. It was one of the scariest dreams ever but also I couldn’t help but be impressed by the plot. Like good job brain. If that was a real movie/book I would definitely watch/read it and then immediately regret everything.

Another weird thing that happened to me that has to do with sleep is that one day I started laughing in my sleep. It was the first time this has ever happened to me and it was so freaking bizarre. I literally woke up because I was laughing so hard in my sleep!! My sister was super scared and thought I was possessed. Apparently, it’s a normal and happens sometimes when you’re stressed or something. I guess it makes sense that it happened to me since like I said I was having super weird dreams for a bit and I also tend to talk in my sleep sometimes. But it was still really strange and I hope that is the first time I ever laugh in my sleep. Have you guys ever experienced this? If you have please let me know in the comments below!

Today marks my 200th day that I have been learning German on Duolingo! That’s right I have been doing lessons for 200 days in a row and I am super proud of myself food sticking with it this time. And it’s definitely paying off because I can kind of speak and understand German now which is so exciting. Learning German has been a goal of mine since I was like 16 and I have been trying to learn it on and off but I am so happy I stuck with it this time.

Even though I have not been blogging I have been writing a lot. As you know I meditate daily and for the first few months I did not really have any major break throughs or really deep thoughts. I was kind of concentrating on just learning to focus and enjoy the moment so I was not really thinking much but lately I have been trying to become more aware of the thoughts I have while meditating. I don’t try to censor or control my brain I just let myself think and see where I end up and it has seriously helped me get my thoughts in order and just really figure out what my priorities in life are and should be. It has also really helped me deal with my emotions in a more healthy way. I mean I’m not stable all the time and I can’t say I’m amazing at meditation but I am improving and I can feel myself heading in the right direction. The other day I was meditating and thinking about how I feel the need to always be in control and plan out every aspect of my life. I was also thinking about how all that really went down the drain in 2020 and pretty much everything quickly got out of my control and I wrote down something in my meditation journal that I wanted to share with you guys. This was one of my biggest meditation break throughs:

“…We spend so much time and energy fighting the universe for control of our lives that we forget there is no battle. What is going to happen is going to happen and the harder we fight the more difficult we make our own lives. From this moment on I am going to stop fighting the Universe as it is a battle I will never win. I am going to learn to go with the Universe instead of against it. If something occurs in my life I will not let it devastate me but instead see how it can improve me.”

I don’t know if that made any sense but it really did to me and the minute I understood how little control I have it was like my anxieties melted away and I felt truly free for the first time in a long time.

What Have YOU Been Up To?

Unfortunately, since I’ve been so busy with university and stuff I have not been able to really keep in touch properly so I would love to know more about what you’ve been up to! Please let me know in the comments below what you’ve been up to, if anything new has been happening in your life, your goals for 2021 or literally just anything!

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121 responses to “Guess Who’s Back-ish (An Update)”

  1. Personally, I think you should do a youtube channel instead of a podcast. I tried podcasting for a while and I ended up switching to youtube, mostly because I like to watch youtube videos a lot more than I like to listen to podcasts. Maybe that’s just me but I like to have something to look at on the screen, even if that’s just a person talking.

    1. You could take the audio from YouTube and make podcasts and cover both delivery methods.

      1. That’s a good idea thank you!

    2. Hmm that’s true some people do prefer to have something to look at while listening. I will definitely keep that in mind thank you!

  2. Look forward to you following I Write Her again! Glad to have you back, Pooja. Fantastisch, du kannst Deutsch sprechen? Das ist wunderbar! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much or should I say danke!!

  3. Four words: Oatmeal, Raisins, Maple Syrup. It’s the most delicious combination of ingredients in existence. Once again, it’s so good to see you back, and I’d love to see you on my blog again in the near future!

    1. Thank you!! Don’t hate me but I hate oatmeal… I do love raisins and maple syrup though!

      1. I saw oat milk, and I totally read it as oatmeal. Haha. No hate, we’re all wrong about something!

        1. Lol no worries- I was literally talking to my mum about oat milk AND oatmeal when I saw your previous comment and was like woah is he psychic??

          1. Yes. Let’s go with that! Lolz.

  4. As somebody who has appeared on nearly 200 different podcasts, make sure you have a good idea or theme. And be prepared if you have guests. There are too many podcasts with no point out there. And you used to follow me. Love to have you back 😎

    1. That’s really great advice thank you!!

  5. Hi poojah! Good to have you back. Personally I think talking or laughing in your sleep is nothing serious to worry about. I do that too once in a while. Sometimes I don’t even remember and it’s funny when someone else tells you about it. Welcome back! 😊😊

    1. Hi, again! Yeah it’s definitely nothing to worry about. Lol it’s definitely funny to hear someone tell you about it- my sister and I share a room and she tells me what I say in my sleep sometimes and it’s super funny!

  6. Glad to see you writing again!

    1. Thank you so much!

  7. I used to have these really weird dreams too and they made me so anxious I barely got any sleep at night. Something that works for me is just not to think about them when I wake up. You will not remember the dream and it will not stress you out.

    1. That’s actually really true because in Psychology we learnt that if you don’t make a conscious attempt to remember your dreams you won’t remember them. Thank you!

  8. Missed your posts! Glad to see you back ☺️

    1. Thank you so much and missed you too!!

  9. Good to hear from you, Pooja. 😊 Apparently I sometimes talk and groan in my sleep…

    1. Thank you! Lol apparently that’s quite common

  10. “Things don’t happen to you. They happen for you.” It’s a good way to look at things that are completely out of your control. I’ve heard this quote from a few different podcasts. Personally, I listen to a lot of podcasts but sadly, many podcasters have given up podcasting. Like whyyyyy? It seems like 6 out of 7 quit within a year or two. It’s sad.

    As for what’s been going on in my personal life, I finished university and finally have 2 degrees. I have yet to start a couple of jobs and have at least one lined up for January (the other I’m not so sure about because I’ve heard nothing so far).

    I’m not sure if I can start the January job because I can barely walk and am in so much pain these days. I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant. I’ll see what they have to say – that is, whether I should be on bed rest or not. I was really hoping to get employment but I’m having my doubts, not gonna lie.

    1. That’s a really good quote and perfectly sums up the way I want to think this year. Two of my favourite history podcasters stopped and I was super sad because they were so good.

      Congratulations on the degrees and good luck with the jobs! It is definitely very difficult to find work right now as it is and I am sure it’s more difficult when you’re pregnant but I really hope you find something good.

  11. I love that dream! Just the kind of thing I love to write. Can I use it? I would be happy to share it with you if I get something good from it. 🤗

    1. Yes you absolutely can use it and please let me know when you write it because I would love to read it!

  12. So happy that you’re back! Thank you for sharing your fear because I have the same one and it makes me feel like I’m not alone! It somehow feels less scary when I hear someone else say it lol.

    1. Thank you and don’t worry you are definitely not alone!

  13. Oh, hello again! Welcome back. 😊🌞

    1. Thank you again!!

  14. Thanks for following my site! 😊

    1. My pleasure!

  15. I am excited to see you have return. You have been a busy young lady doing wonderful things. You are in my continued thoughts and prayers and thankful that blogging is an outlet for you. Happy New Year and please remain safe. Welcome back

    1. Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers and I am very excited to be back!

  16. you’ve been busy – how will you find time for blogging? Glad to hear about your success with German and meditation.

    And that would be kind of spooky to hear someone laughing in their sleep… 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yeah I have been super busy and I think this semester will be even tougher as I am taking more courses than last semester so I may have to blog a few times a week instead of every day.

      My sister was really scared after hearing that lol!

      1. best of luck this semester!

        1. Thank you!

  17. Glad you’re back ! Good to hear from you ☺️

    1. Thank you so much!!

  18. Glad to have you back! Missed your posts!

    1. Thank you so much and missed yours too!

  19. If you’d like to refollow FitzGerald Press, we’d love to have you back, no pressure.

    1. Will absolutely follow you!

  20. Welcome back!

    1. Thank you!

  21. Welcome back Pooja – I’m guessing that laughing in your sleep is better crying! Great to hear from you and happy 2021! 🙏

    1. Thank you! Lol that’s true I would definitely rather be laughing!

  22. Pooja, a couple of thoughts for you. Firstly welcome back! Because that is the most important. Secondly, don’t worry about your sleep, mine has been beyond messed up this year (sleeping 3am-7am then 3pm-5pm? Seriously?!). 2020 was weird and with studies on top, nobody can blame you for being stressed. Third, try journaling. I don’t always get to do it but when I I have a lot on my mind, it can really help. Okay, so obviously nobody is going to reply to you (unless, maybe you use something like LiveJournal) but just getting it all down can help. I find once my head is clearer from all of the niggly stuff, I’m free to focus on the more important bits.
    Finally, take a look at Tasks on the app store (multicolored background with a white tick in it). I downloaded it and it’s changed my life! You can prioritise tasks from Yellow (low priority) to dark red (high priority). I haven’t forgotten to do anything since! The develop replied to my 5-star review too, which I thought was cool. Letting go of control is great, but if you’re like me, you know it’s a lot easier said than done. I find that having a task list helps because if I have a bad day, that’s okay, I can just pick off what has to get done as a matter of urgency and no more. I hope it helps!

    You did used to follow me, but I’ve had one if not two revamps in the time that you’ve been away anyway so I can’t blame you for being out of the loop. I joined forced with my husband a few weeks ago and we now run Two Kinky Cooks (, apologies for the link in my comment, I just thought it would make it easier for you to find us). We now do monthly snack tastings, recipes and TMI Tuesday along with our more.. alternative writings! It’s fresh-faced, friendly and informative and I’m really happy with what we’ve cooked up.. pardon the pun!

    Alright, I’ll be out of here now. Look after yourself 🙂

    1. Thank you so much- I am so happy to be back! I love the idea of journaling and although I have a meditation journal I don’t journal a lot in general but it’s definitely something I want to get back into. I’ve never used Tasks but it sounds super helpful so I will definitely check it out- thanks so much for the recommendation!

      Thanks for leaving a link to your blog and can’t wait to check it out and see what’s new!

      1. Aww that’s no worries, glad I could help! Yes journaling was something that I started off sort of hating, then I started giving it a proper go and now I can do 3-4 pages without even blinking! Haha. It can be very beneficial. No worries on the app, I hope it helps!

        Thanks for the visit, I hope you enjoy what we;’ve created!

  23. Best of luck with the podcast.

    1. Thank you!

  24. I have been worried about you girl

    1. Don’t worry I’m good I was just taking a little break!!

      1. Good

  25. Glad you’re finally back! I used to laugh a lot in my sleep when I was younger 😂 but I don’t think it’s happened any time recent. Congratulations on your 200 day streak! I started Latin and gave up after a week😂 Looking forward to your podcast! Happy 2021!

    1. Thank you so much- I’m so happy to be back! Lol I’m glad you stopped laughing now and don’t worry I have given up on other languages lol!

  26. Welcome back! Good to see you posting again 😊

    1. Thank you so much!

  27. Welcome back! Personally, I missed you. You got me excited on the podcast thing because I listen to quite a number of them. On my side it’s been a whole lot of anxiety. School was just demanding so much of my attention. Because of the pandemic I couldn’t travel to my home country(Mozambique) to be with my extended family during the festive season. A handful of my loved ones tested positive for COVID-19(Thank God they fully recovered now). I even took a break from Blogging for about 2/3 weeks. At some point was a little sad about my blog being almost a ghost blog. However I do have a win, I wrote an article for a local online magazine and I feel like my blog was the leeway to greater opportunities☺️ I’m still recovering from all of the anxiety and trying to stay afloat. The past 2 weeks were so hard that I could barely get any work done. Tomorrow Im returning to school and I’m so behind in a number of tasks and assignments. But I’m gonna get through each one at a time.

    1. Thank you and I’m excited to start a podcast too! I’m sorry to hear about the negative stuff that’s going on but you are definitely not alone in feeling that way. I couldn’t go home to Kenya which was tough and it’s just been an awful year in general. Congratulations on the article that is absolutely amazing and I know more opportunities will come your way this year! Good luck with university and everything else going on in your life.

  28. Good to have you and your millions of followers back. Happy New Year!
    Your posts might be a tad long for people sometimes, but they are never too eyebrow!

    1. Haha thank you- definitely far from millions though!


      1. It soon will be! Mark my words! You are good enough!

        1. Aww wow that is so sweet of you to say! That would be truly amazing!

          1. Fingers crossed for you!

  29. So glad to have you back✨✨🙌🏽Ghosts? For real?!😬
    I can’t believe to stuck to learning a new language for 200 days —kudos to you!! I always wanted to learn french but I am just lazing about xx

    1. Thank you!!

      Lol I know I have no idea how I did it but I stuck with it for I guess now 201 days!

  30. Welcome back Pooja!! Omg a podcast sounds like a great idea, I would definitely listen!! Ooh what kind of new food and recipes have you been trying? Honestly, here in the UK I’m stuck in Tier 4 which is almost lockdown restrictions so I’m getting ready for online school! How has University been going? Haha you did follow me on your old account and I’m not sure if you do now lol! Great post and also Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much! I have been trying all kinds of food- recently I tried cooking Middle Eastern food and I’ve been trying some Asian dishes too. Yeah we’re having online classes as well which is what I’ve been busy with. I will definitely follow you again and Happy New Year!

  31. Welcome back ! I’m glad you’re doing ok and yes do a pod cast, why not?

    1. Thank you and I certainly plan to!

  32. I am glad you are back 💕

    1. Thank you so much- I’m very glad to be back!!

      1. All the best for the next chapter of your life 💐🎉💕

        1. Thank you 😊

    1. Thank you!!

  33. Welcome back, good to see your posts again 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!!

  34. so glad to see you back!!! <3

  35. Welcome back. To be honest, not a ‘podcast’ or phone person, so will continue to be a reader 🙂 Glad you are doing OK.

    1. It’s definitely not for everyone so I totally understand. I am doing really well thank you! I hope you’re well too.

  36. This really got me excited! I know we’ve been chatting on Instagram but I really missed our blogging relationship. Welcome back and congrats on the eyebrow! Lol

    1. I have missed your blog a lot!! Thank you lol!!

  37. Welcome back! You have a lot of positive energy and it is nice to see your inspiring posts again.

    1. Thank you so much- I’m so happy to be back!

  38. Welcome back(ish)!💜

    1. Haha thank you!!

  39. Im glad your doing well! Missed you ♥️

    1. Thank you and I really missed you too!

  40. Welcome back! Missed reading your posts, but glad you are doing well! Your comment about the plot in your dream made me laugh, and I also wake myself up from laughing in my sleep (and sometimes screaming…) I also love the thought you had about fighting so much you forget there isn’t a battle in the first place – definitely relatable, I feel like a lot of the time I’m so defensive without thinking what I’m defending myself against.

    I’ve been having such a good rest from work for the past two weeks, going on lots of big walks near where I live and writing a lot! Speaking of which, you used to follow my blog and I would be super happy if you did again!

    Happy new year!

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year! I will definitely be following you back! Wow screaming sounds even scarier than laughing but apparently it’s very common. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      1. Haha I think it is scarier for my partner than for me :’) Thank you so much for following me back!

        1. Lol! I’m happy to follow your blog!

  41. Welcome back! 😊 and yes to a podcast! Podcasts help my day pass during work, please make one with your sis! And yasss to oatmilk and recipes! Glad to see your back girl!

    1. Thank you!! Yes I will definitely be trying out podcasting and a lot of recipes will be coming soon for sure!

  42. Just came across your blog post, and I love all of it. I can’t wait to see more of what you’ll do.

    1. Thank you so much!!

  43. Oh my goodness…I have totally laughed in my sleep on occasion! I dreamed that I was watching AFV…🙄😆 And your other dream sounded like a good movie. I’ve had dreams with great plot lines once in a while but can never remember what they are. Nice to hear from you✌️

    1. Omg lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who laughs in my sleep! Nice to talk to you again too!

  44. Welcome back !

    1. Thank you!

  45. Happy new year Pooja! Glad to have you back here. Best of luck with the Podcast, would be looking forward to that (I think you should give YouTube a try too though). Congrats on your progress with German. I was trying to improve my French with Duolingo at some point but I wasn’t committed enough. I’m looking forward to giving it another try this Year though.

    1. Happy New Year! I definitely want to give YouTube a try too but I feel like it’s going to take a little longer than the podcast. I gave up on German a few times ago as well but last year I really tried hard to stick with it and I’m glad I did. Good luck with French!

  46. […] Guess Who’s Back-ish (An Update) […]

  47. Happy New Year Pooja! Glad to see you are back 😊 I loved reading your recap and I’m super impressed by your 200-day streak on Duolingo! That’s fantastic!! I’ve never been able to go over a month or so I think! Your dream about the little girl is absolutely terrifying though – but it is indeed a great plot for an horror movie ahah – I hope your mental health is a bit better and that you can sleep more peacefully now though 😊 As for laughing in my sleep it has happened to me several times! Sometimes I don’t remember it, but sometimes I just wake up almost cry-laughing because something fun happened in my dreams 😂 (spoiler alert: it is usually not that funny!) Thanks for sharing, and the idea of a podcast sounds great!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am much better now. Wow I’m glad I’m not the only person sleep laughing lol!

  48. Welcome back Pooja! I missed you! Your first post and I can already relate so much. Ha! The bf and I are also starting a pod! We had a trial run on a long drive home and it was pretty fun. I can’t wait to hear your voice (not in a creepy way I swear)!😁

    I’ll have to try hemp oil because I literally shaved my brows years ago and never grew back. I am still obsessed with your brows.

    I am sooooooooooooooo interested in hearing more about your History of Foods course! That sounds so cool. Honestly… I’ve never tried the ramen everyone always posts. I would really like to though. I am just scared of soggy noodles 😫 If I ever make cup soup I always dump the soup (I know crazy) because I hate when the noodles get soft.

    I’m so glad you are back to blogging and are feeling much better. Good job to your brain but also really scary. Little children’s ghosts sound frightening to me as well.

    Congratulations on Duo! I even got the notification on my phone from Duo itself 💚 Again I’m soooo happy to see you back on WordPress!

    1. Thank you- I really missed your blog like crazy too!

      Omg how do we always end up being so similar- I can’t wait to listen to your podcast! You two are so cute and funny together on YouTube I definitely need more of that 😂 Lol I hate how I sound in recordings but what can ya do 😂🤦‍♀️

      Aww thanks! I used to use black seed oil but ran out and had a bunch of hemp oil so I tried that and it has actually helped. I started noticing tiny hair after about a month. I am so terrified of shaving my brows or even plucking them these days cos I’m paranoid they won’t grow back properly.

      My History Of Food course has been absolutely amazing I can’t wait to share all the amazing stuff I learnt. Korean ramen is really good if you don’t like soggy noodles (I hate when they get soggy as well). If you cook them with less water than the instructions say and for only a few minutes so they’re a bit undercooked they taste really good and not soggy at all. I would recommend the Nongshim ones.

      I am so surprised I stuck with Duo for so long but I’m glad I did because I really want to finish the German course and start another language.

      So happy to be back!!

  49. Good luck 🤞😃

    1. Thank you!

  50. I read a lot of your articles, and look forward to working with you sis

    1. I look forward to it too!

  51. Great update 👍

    1. Thanks so much 😊

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