Six Word Story #101

Looked like a gallant gentleman- lies.

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160 responses to “Six Word Story #101”

  1. Looks are deceiving, actions tell truths.

    1. Yes always!

  2. The darkness in so many of your six word stories is really something. 🙂


    1. Thanks! Not sure why they always end up so dark but I’m just going with it for now.

  3. Outside people, fictional people; stop looking. – not my best lol

    1. I still really enjoyed it!!

  4. Looks deceive but actions show consistency.

    1. Yup they sure do.

  5. Life’s vicissitudes reveal who has courage.

    1. Ooh really wonderful addition.

    2. That’s good✨

  6. My corner is my safe place

    1. Aww I think a lot of people feel that way.

      1. I think so too! love all of these!💖

        1. Thank you!

  7. Superficial gallantry is just for show.

    1. Yup nothing more than that!

  8. I sense anger. 🤔

    No one is who they appear to be, even to themselves.

    Damn, 11 words.

    1. No anger just mild irritation lol!

      We’ll make an exception for your 11 word story

      1. Did meet a Don Juan?

        If you ever start posting Hannibal Lecter haiku’s I’ll start to worry.

        “We all lie to ourselves to be happy.” I think that’s from Momento, haven’t watched that movie in a long time but remember that quote.

        Fun fact: if everyone is the hero protagonist of their own story; they’ll also be the antagonist of someone else’s. It’s completely unavoidable. Might as well try to have fun with what little time we have.

        1. I have to admit I am fully obsessed with Hannibal and anything to do with SOTL…

          I think about that a lot- it’s so weird how we always think we’re right or a good person but a lot of people may think you’re the exact opposite. For them you may be a total monster.

          1. 🤔your favorite food is peanut butter. Your sense of anger on the internet is because your favorite song is never gonna give you up and Rick rolls are pushing you too far. You like home decor but your optimal home decor is an empty room. And you don’t wear underwear on Tuesday’s. 😳🤫..
            My new thing is watching YouTube reaction videos to older movies I want to watch but don’t have time. SofL’s was the last one I watched.

            Oddly, it’s related. Didn’t notice it. The reaction about Hannibal in that is he’s scary because he’s completely sane and conscious of his actions. Some want the movie “canceled” for transphobia but the people who watch it know they made a clear effort to make Buffalo Bill sympathetic by explaining he’s not a bad person; he just lost it being rejected for transition surgery. If his victims are humanized he can’t hurt them. Even in normal situations I try (sometimes) to remember everyone is trying to the best they can the best way they know how.

          2. Anyways.. my mind has been on that today (at least) where my own little issues like anxiety makes me do s**ty things or come off s**ty when I think I’m doing something good.

            Most common: I kind of ignore people even if I know they want to talk to me.

            Actually.. even with you.. I sometimes play flirt and I’m just all .. “you don’t like me and you wouldn’t anyways and we’d never meet, so it’s just goofy fun..” I could be completely wrong and you’d want to stab me in the eyeball with a claw hammer if you think I’m just playing with your head.
            Just examples. There was a person years ago that I really liked but I didn’t think she liked me even though we talked constantly about .. stuff.. thinking she didn’t actually like me and was just being friendly I dated someone else and she still hates me to this day.
            I was having issues with coworkers all mad at me and I realized I should actually have a normal conversation with them instead of going right to work and not paying attention to them; solved that problem.

            I’m on YouTube reactions to Lost. Hannibal Lector is cool though, I’d love to have his analytical superpowers.

            1. Yeah I get like that when I’m anxious as well and I just end up spending all my time alone or worse being an asshole to someone who’s just trying to reach out.

              1. I gravitate towards people with anxiety because it’s easily reliable even if it’s different and it’s enough where I know that pattern. It’s just about self awareness and just being aware of others; properly reading into things. I have cue words where, if I’m chatting with someone with some types I’ll actually said when the ticker of the timebomb starts. I think things happen for a reason so being a “villain” by accident can fall into it.
                I can just be being nice and trigger someones anxiety somehow starting a “fight or flight” where I’ll be left going “what did I do?” in a bad ocd way. That’s happened enough where I know it’s a weird attachment where a person is self protecting. Just let it be… that would be the lesson on my end to not immediately blame myself for stuff. Sometimes I actually DO do something and it’s just knowing if it’s worth it or not. There’s a blogger who’s afraid of using pictures of herself because guys do creepy things. To me, it sets off my BS radar but there’s just enough of a photo where it clicks. If you have piercing eyes guys will do creepy crap. It’s just how people are. I have piercing eyes and it’s taken as aggression even when I’m not, guys take that in women as something else…

                A quote I liked from my Lost reaction videos ..

                “See, kids are like dogs, you knock them around enough. they’ll think they did something to deserve it.”
                My parents have anxiety so I grew up having anxiety too. 🤔

                1. Wow that quote is so deep and really true. I think kids pick up on what they see around them at home. Most of my family has anxiety too.

                  1. Lost is a quote machine.. I completely forgot that about that show. The finale was good but it didn’t exactly play out right.. people throw a fit about that over nothing.

                    That’s actually my view on some of the “cancel culture” stuff. You learn more from your parents/family than society as you zoom out. The way you think of yourself, how you view others.. etc. it’s mostly learned in childhood. The lens is zoomed too far out sometimes. I’m not parent blaming.. lol.. kids come out messy no matter what.

                    The modes of thinking where I’m overly self critical about everything and have a view of the outside world being a certain way.. that’s how I was raised and that issue of anxiety in my parents became a topic in the last year mostly because my step dad had a stroke and found he has major clinical anxiety and his self medication (food, isolation and alcohol) is what caused the behaviors. It helped complete a picture on why we just never got along. It is what it is. lol

                    I probably didn’t tell the other story well, I suddenly noticed I was late to work. I made a vague comment that there was enough of a picture to connect why there would be anxiety about appearance where it could EASILY be taken the wrong way.

                    Some people have a look that’s not their fault that attracts certain types of people. The eyes in this case. Equally: asking is how possible miscommunication is cleared up.

                    Finally: I should play your 6 word story game to learn to get to the point faster.😂

                    1. Yeah I agree a lot of what we do comes from what we encountered growing up but I also think it comes from society. Definitely think cancel culture is stupid though because there are way better and more effective ways to deal with things.

                      That’s true certain people have certain features and that’s unavoidable (unless they eventually get plastic surgery I guess). People do tend to often judge by looks.

                    2. We pulled an all nighter! 🥰😘
                      Playing. Or not..
                      yeah, some parts of cancel culture are fine like going over people of power. But, it’s kinda rare and just bullying and then some of it the usual censorship that used to be domain of the right.. now it’s both sides.

                      Yes, men are worse about judging by looks and not by much. There’s a book on neuroscience I read and they know little of the brain (something to keep in mind reading any study) and it’s mostly the visual areas we know. Physical attractiveness = intelligence and those who are not have to work harder. Humorously, it’s more often people who find person x attractive and more intelligent it’s because they have similar physical features. Not all, just most. Both sexes are like that but men are a tad worse.

                      I think it’s general home life. Anxiety levels as a whole went up with helicopter parenting.

                      A band I got into out of nowhere (Blind Melon) I found the lead singer grew up as the “golden child” who always had to excel and that over emphasis on over performing actually killed him at 27 or 28.

  9. Fear kills peace, so be strong😊

    1. I couldn’t agree more!

  10. Gentleman being gallantly ironic – By definition

    1. Really good one!

  11. Falsehoods spread like frosting, sickly sweet.
    Laugh your way to a great day

    1. Wonderful addition!

  12. I don’t know why, but i couldn’t think of anything today.
    But yeah, enjoyed your story!

    1. That’s okay thanks for stopping by anyway and glad you enjoyed it!

  13. Charm hides the monster inside.

    1. It definitely does.

  14. “Looked like a gallant gentleman- lies. “
    You wanted to believe him. Fool.

    1. I love the twist here..

    2. Just found my favourite addition!

  15. Words aren’t proof enough for chivalry!

    1. Absolutely!

  16. Rescue yourself from those grave interactions !!

    1. Great addition!

  17. Your intuition is never wrong #trust

    1. Yup for sure!

  18. Tell me the truth once – he denied her.

    1. Oh no how sad!

  19. ya looks of a person don’t rell about the person who really is he but what he does tell that.

    1. Yeah exactly actions are a lot more telling.

  20. Damn..

    Sweet words – bitter taste taken inside .

    1. Love the addition!

  21. Looks are deceiving actions are consistent

  22. Chiseled chin, bravado grin, vacant eyes.

    1. Oh wow definitely one of my favourite additions!

  23. One’s character shows when you tell them no

    1. Yup always!

  24. Deafening silence. Heartbroken. Numb beyond words.

    1. Wow love that addition!

  25. Lies live deep inside his soul!

    1. Yes they do!

  26. Fake profile photos on dating apps.

    1. Love that addition!

  27. Gallant deceiver, leaves me laughing tears.

    1. Wow love that addition!

  28. On wings do I see you.

  29. The lamb, the wolf. The liar?

  30. Beware gallantry for it disguises sexism.

    1. Absolutely agree.

  31. that’s what happens when using Tinder…

    1. Lol truth 😆

  32. A liar disguise as true lover😍

    1. Love that addition!

      1. Thanks much! How I loved your six word stories, they’re mazing and full of excitement☺️

        1. Aww thanks so much I’m so happy to hear that ☺

          1. You’re always welcome.☺️

  33. felt like true love – a hoax

    1. Love the addition!

  34. Never trust looks- check references first.

    1. Haha yes always!

  35. Man or woman, darkness hides inside

  36. Guy took longer to get ready.

  37. Never ever trust a smiling cat!
    (From Charlie Brown I think) good old snoopy

  38. Wow!! Beautifully written

    1. Thank you!

  39. In response to the actual story, it is simply a reality that is abundant in society. Recurring for as long as I can remember. Now, I’d like to see if you ladies can shed some light on the matter and if you can answer the questions about it I have.

    What attracts women to men like that? The bad boy! The treat em mean, keep em keen posy!

    I’m going to describe myself to you.
    I’m not a particularly striking looking man. I’m aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I know that it’s not my best feature. I have bipolar disorder, I wear an hearing aid in my left ear and I have a partial denture on my bottom teeth. This is what makes me who I am and I have no control over these things. The things I can control however are my manners, integrity, honesty and decorum. I see mates in the pub having a pint and then the partner calls to see when they are home to make tea and they say 20mins and they have no intentions of going home. I just wouldn’t do that. I’m domesticated too. A solid 8/10 at ironing. The only thing I can say is that you have to treat people like you would like to be treated and it is so much more you can achieve through honesty. Positivity breeds serenity remember 👌💙

    1. Every woman is different and I don’t know why certain women are attracted to men like that- it may have something to do with media telling women they can fix guys like that except they can’t. Once a jerk always a jerk.

      Personally I have certain qualities that are a must in my future partner and others I can live without. None of them have anything to do with physical appearance or mental health especially since I also suffer from mental health problems and I’m pretty average looking. The men I have had to break up with is because they seem like nice guys until they turn into “nice guys.” They have some wonderful qualities but also some I can’t live with.

      1. True perfection has to be imperfect

  40. Stop cowering in the corner, fight.

    1. Yeah never give up.

  41. In the dark always by myself

    1. Really great addition!

  42. You can’t fix him. Fix yourself.

    1. Yes definitely work on yourself instead!

  43. I watch the heavens burn everyday.

  44. Needed to face his shadow side.

  45. Love is never lost in air

  46. Mistakes we make in past don’t skip our memories that easily

  47. Trust me. You don’t know me…

  48. Morning creeps in where darkness remains.

  49. Better stay alone, then in fake company 🙂

  50. Once he said he loved me.

  51. Lying to be saved actually destroys

  52. My corner’s turf is off limits

  53. Adjust walls to absolute impermeable thickness

    1. Love that addition!

  54. Not afraid of ghost but men.

    1. Scared of both…

      1. I actually wrote a blog on it.. but deleted hours after..! Not getting the confidence!

        1. Sorry to hear that and hope you become more confident over time.

  55. He charmed me through his lies

    1. Perfect addition!

  56. We fools think, We have time.

    1. Ooh one of my favourite additions!

  57. She loved him, he loved her.

  58. […] Six Word Story #101 […]

  59. Listen to your heart-Its real

    1. Yes always.

  60. Don’t judge a book by its cover – always my favorite.

    1. That’s a classic for sure.

  61. At least the sex was good 😳

    1. Lolll at least that!

  62. If they show you, believe them.

    1. Love that addition!

  63. This resonates with me so hard.

  64. “Honeyed words laden to impress;…” (quoted from ‘Hidden Identities.’)

    1. Ooh good one thanks for sharing it!

  65. Just like that, her heart died.

  66. Wow it so nice x

    1. Thank you!

  67. Stop faking, when you ain’t craving

    1. Faking doesn’t help anyone…

      1. can we work together

  68. I am tired of suppressing – help!

    1. Suppressing is hard!

    1. Story of my life…

  69. Such a twist in this story! And a poignant reminder never to judge a book by its cover – either for better or worse. Thank you for sharing this story. 😊

  70. Remember to think before you love.

  71. …people change faster than autumn leaves.

    1. Unfortunately very true.

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