Six Word Story #104

Adulated by all. Loved by none.

As you guys may have noticed I have been trying to learn a new word every day and I have been trying to use some of these words in my six word stories to help me remember. Since these words are new to me I am guessing they are new to some of you too so I decided I would add their definitions along with the six word story and maybe you guys could try using the word in a six word story of your own in the comments section! We can learn a new word together and have fun doing it 😀

Today’s Word:

Adulate- praise (someone) excessively or obsequiously.

More about the word. 

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87 thoughts on “Six Word Story #104

  1. Speaking of love, synonym of adulation.
    (I don’t know whether it is grammatically correct.)

            1. Lol I do that too and even in real life! I’m always like what did you just say and eventually I just laugh awkwardly cos I still didn’t hear it 😂

  2. The adulate and the applause only made her shrink into herself.

    The best I could do🤷🏽‍♀️
    Love this new word -thanks for taking us along with you! xx

  3. ***Edit***

    Remembered by most, understood by one.

    Can’t use none twice (personal rule 😂)

  4. this is such a blazing truth!!
    nowadays ppl just praise others to be in their good books and gain benefit out of them!!….the real and heartfelt appreciation is nowhere to be seen👍

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