Quote Of The Day #17

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47 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #17

  1. Yes, sometimes we are so busy with everything else and forget about this very essential issue–to make people happy, which will in turn make ourselves happy that we have done such a nice thing.

    1. Yes I definitely agree. These days we are so busy we can end up getting self-absorbed but it’s important to think about others too.

  2. One can make another person smile 🙂
    When they themselves are happy from inside
    And their soul is shining brightly with happiness 😂

    Keep blogging 🤞🤗

  3. You don’t need power to help someone. It should come automatically and without the desire for reward. Helping someone should be as easy as breathing (I know there are many people in the world suffering from the pandemic or asthma or other respiratory illnesses where breathing is difficult and for some strenuous. These therefore are the people who need our support).
    Help and supporting our fellow humans, animals or even the environment should be an automatic human response.

    But yes the world needs more help and support from us all.

    1. I don’t think that’s what the part about power means. I think in this context it means more like if you have the means to help someone. For example, someone may want to help the homeless but not have enough money to do so. On the other hand, someone may have enough money to build housing for the homeless and that would mean they have the power to help them and should help them. That’s one way to make the world a better place. Helping people suffering due to the pandemic would also be great but not many of us have the means to do much- we help as much as we can but it doesn’t always make much of a difference. On the other hand, some may have a lot of means to help them and they can either choose to do so or not- but it would be amazing if they choose to.

      1. You only need the spirit to help others it’s not about what money and means you have at your disposal. Helping someone to care fir someone who’s sick, helping someone to cross the road or helping them carry their shopping. Just being there a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to can be one of the most supporting things we can do.

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