Blogging Myths Debunked

Blogging Myths

There is a lot of really great advice out there when it comes to blogging but to be very honest there is also a lot of very horrendous blogging advice out there too. I have come across so many amazing blogs here on WordPress that don’t get the traffic and following they deserve. If you feel like you are doing everything right and have done some research and are following those rules but still seeing minimal to no growth it may be because the advice you found online was not exactly accurate.

One major issue I’ve noticed with looking for information online is that because of the SEO Gods, search engines will only push out advice posts that are SEO friendly rather than posts that are genuinely beneficial to the reader. Unfortunately, I can’t do much about this but I would recommend doing a lot of thorough research into blogging before making sudden changes to your blog because articles are not always accurate and even if they are remember that this advice was not tailor made for you. This advice is general advice and although it may have worked for them it may have worked along with other factors they may not be sharing about. So always think about your blog and whether or not the advice would make sense for your blog. Except mine of course, my advice posts are always on point. ALWAYS.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of advice posts about blogging these days and have noticed that a number of them contain some information that may be potentially harmful to your blog. Some of them fail to mention certain things and I feel like they are leaving the advice halfway while others mention certain things about blogging that may not be true anymore since WordPress updates it’s algorithm quite often. Here are three blogging myths that you should not be listening to in 2021:

Myth #1: Use a large number of very specific tags

I have heard people go on and on about using specific tags instead of broader ones and every time someone says this I kind of want to smack them on the head- thankfully I’m a pacifist so I just eat my feelings instead.

Yes, using specific tags is always beneficial for SEO purposes but let’s be honest- when was the last time you searched something super specific like “that annoying lifestyle blogger that whines about stuff and is a history major.” Most people tend to search much broader things like “lifestyle blogger” or “lifestyle blog.” Therefore, if you use specific tags you will probably be on the first page of search engines if someone searches that specific thing but not a lot of people will be searching that specific thing so you are pretty much just cutting down your audience to a very small number of people that search weirdly specific stuff.

On the other hand, if you use broader tags you are more likely to get some number of views even if you don’t make it to the first page of Google. Another little secret I know about broader tags is that tags are not always just for search engines. Your WP Reader has a tags section and a search section and they generally put up posts that are recently posted rather than most SEO friendly/popular. You will see an instant increase in traffic from WP itself when using broader tags.

Therefore, my advice is this- don’t stick to using just specific tags. Use a number of both specific and general/broader tags together to get the best results.

Myth #2: Unethical methods of gaining backlinks work

I have read a number of bloggers talk about certain methods to easily get backlinks on other blogs. They don’t specifically say these methods are unethical but let’s be real- they absolutely are.

The first one is straight up just spamming people with links to your blog. By that I mean leaving comments telling people to visit your blog on other peoples posts. First of all, most bloggers generally delete those and furthermore some will go so far as to report your blog or block your blog. When it comes to spamming people’s comments section trust me when I say you’re doing a lot more harm than good.

Another method I have heard people talk about is leaving a genuine sounding comment like “wow this is really great advice thanks for sharing it” and than leaving a link to their blog below their comment. Every time someone does this I just get super irritated because I get excited about the comment and then I see the link and I’m like “oh they’re just spamming me.” This is such an incredibly shady thing to do and it’s not even worth it because most bloggers delete these comments or edit out the link. If someone wanted to visit your blog they would click the link on your name/profile so there is no excuse to leave links with your comments like that. Leaving genuine comments would probably get you way more followers and traffic than spamming people.

Another reason why you shouldn’t do this, apart from it being unethical and also super annoying, is that the more links you leave the more likely you are to be mistaken as a bot by WP. They may even shadow ban you or worse shut down your blog completely if you continuously leave spam comments.

So to sum it up- get genuine backlinks and don’t be shady about it because people aren’t stupid and they know what you’re doing.

Myth #3: Only write about trending topics

When I used to search advice on what topics were popular or what I should write about when I first started blogging I saw so many people talking about how you should cover trending topics to get more views. There’s nothing wrong with that but I saw some people insist that you should only stick to trending topics and not really write about other stuff which I found really ridiculous. I truly hope such horrible advice is no longer out there but you never know so I thought I would mention this anyway.

Yes, writing about trending topics may get you more views. However, in my opinion most blogs that succeed tend to write about things that are new or unique. A lot of blogs that are popular do tend to cover only trending topics but those are more like online websites and stuff. If you enjoy that kind of thing please absolutely go for it. However, if you want to blog about other things and feel pressured to change your niche to increase your audience take a minute to hear me out.

A lot of people succeed because they are writing about trending topics but a lot of people also succeed because they aren’t. People can find millions of sites that talk about what’s trending but there’s only one of you and you bring something unique to the table. Bring your own voice to your blog, write about what makes you happy, write about things you are passionate about and genuinely want to write about.

As most of you know my blog is a multi-niche blog which means I talk about a number of topics and from all the topics I write about I have found that my audience enjoys more than anything posts where I write about my opinion/thoughts or about topics I feel strongly about. WordPress is like a community and people want to “talk to their friends” and connect with other bloggers on a more personal level.

Conclusion And Your Thoughts

I have a lot more to say on this topic and a lot more myths to bust but I don’t want to make this post insanely long so I’ll end it here. I put in a few jokes so you guys don’t fall asleep halfway through but I have a weird sense of humour so you may just find them more annoying than funny- either way you’re awake and that’s all that matters. Let me know in the comments below if this information was helpful and if you would like me to debunk more myths in future posts. A lot of you have asked for more tips on engagement and I promise a second part of that post is coming soon too.

Have you ever fallen for any of these myths? What are some blogging myths you have come across? What type of myths have you fallen for when you started blogging? Do you think SEO is stupid and needs to change? How was your day? Let me know you thoughts in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi because I love chatting with you guys!

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159 thoughts on “Blogging Myths Debunked

  1. The absolute worst, I find it on Instagram all the time is people tagging you on spam sites or telling you to go publicize on X site. Generally they end up being inappropriate sites or scam sites or sites that you pay to advertise on…so not sure what kind of spam that is called. I either try to figure out how to remove the tag or comment or block the person to get rid of it. I try not to, but really irritating. Sorry, not online as much … haven’t been feeling great.

    1. Yeah I get a lot of those on Instagram too and they’re super annoying. I usually remove the tags but I wish they had some way to decrease such spam.
      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well and hope you feel better soon.

      1. Thanks, seems all the allergies are starting to clear up. I have a hard time to remove the tag…newer to me…sometimes I give up and just block the person. Too bad they wouldn’t have it so you can have tags get your permission to be posted or something.

  2. That is very true what ejstoo says. On Instagram, so many comments are like that and I haven’t figured out how to delete them. LOL. Thank you for the post and I really enjoy your advice. I really think I need to do more research, but my time is limited and I haven’t got around to it. LOL. “it may have worked along with other factors they may not be sharing about.” That is so true. Whatever we hear, it is not the whole truth. We have to take it with several grains of salt. I think the myth I fell for is the scheduling and how to discipline yourself to write. I tried them, but they don’t work for me. When I have a strict schedule, I just don’t feel writing at all. So I am still struggling with time management. LOL.

    1. Yeah I get a lot of annoying spam comments on Instagram and usually just delete the ones I see. You can delete them by clicking on the comment for a few seconds and there will be a a delete option on the top right corner.

      Glad you enjoy my advice posts. Yes, research takes a lot of time and most of us are super busy and don’t have time for that lol. And definitely people generally give you a certain amount of advice but there’s so much going on with their site you need to do that along with other things and think about your blog specifically and what would work for you.

      1. Thank you for the advice. Yes, blogging has so much to learn. LOL. I would never have thought it even last year. And thank you for telling me how to delete comments. I will certainly do that today.

        1. No worries and yeah blogging can be a lot more complicated than most people realise. I was really shocked when I first started blogging.

  3. Yes. I have come across my sites that claim to give several back links. And these days, I’m increasingly getting comments on blog that have nothing to do with any of my blog posts but contain links to the commenter’s site. Of course, I delete such comments without any mercy. That’s such a rude thing to do. These is a great myth debunked post, Pooja. Very useful advice

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! Yeah I have seen those sites and obviously they are either scams or get you some very unethical backlinks. I have also been getting a lot of those comments these days- I think WP is getting worse and worse with controlling spam comments- and they’re so annoying. One of these days I’m just going to snap at one of those commenters lol.

  4. Great sharing. Though I’ve never fall for these myths. I’ve read them too before and they are based on highly generalized statements that might take you to unethical and inappropriate way.

  5. Soooo good… loved your approach here and when laughed when you said:

    “I kind of want to smack them on the head- thankfully I’m a pacifist so I just eat my feelings instead.”

    And what’s up with people spamming and chatting up even when you ask them nicely that we should get out of someones page and linking there stuff … there with LOOOOOONG covos.. Ok.. you hit a button.. lol🤣🤣🤣

    1. Lol glad you enjoyed that joke!!

      Omg yes that happened to me once and it was so awkward I was just like hahapleasehelpmehaha 😂😂 (not really though in reality I just ate my feelings some more 😂)

  6. Thanks for this blog. Very helpful. I was going to post my link here…..ahhh, just kidding. I agree those spam links are super annoying. Luckily I don’t get many of those-I get them more on Facebook. Ty, again.

    1. Glad this helped! Haha don’t even try it! I don’t use Facebook a lot so I haven’t had that issue there. I mainly use WP so that’s where I get the most spam and it’s definitely annoying.

      1. Yes, it is, but I also find it’s annoying that, “spam,” has such a negative connotation since it’s been my nickname for most of my life. Lol.

        1. Lol I can see how that would be annoying- I can’t speak for everyone but from now on when I think of spam I’ll think of you and not annoying comments!

  7. “Do you think SEO is stupid and needs to change?” I have really been thinking about SEO… and I’m thinking it isn’t for me. I know some people follow SEO rules like the Bible, but I find them so distracting. I’d rather just write something people want to read. I would like to optimize for people, not for search engines. Is that blogger suicide? I really don’t think so! Many of my favorite blogs pay no attention to SEO. What do you think?

    1. SEO is beneficial depending on whether or not you know how to use it correctly and I feel like most people don’t because it’s quite complicated and you need to be good with tech stuff. Also like you said you’ll end up writing for search engine not for yourself and others which will suck the fun out of it. In my opinion you can very much blog successfully even if you ignore SEO- you just need to find a different target audience! So, instead of traffic from search engines try to write for traffic on WordPress.

  8. Reach is something that everyone’s looking for. When I started blogging last year, It was related to tech or most of it. As time passed I realized that people were into humor, poetry & health too. So I shifted to those topics a bit & my reach improved. So, keeping track of what the community wants is important.

    No doubt that spamming is awful. I don’t get many of those but still.
    Generally, spammers target blog posts with a healthy amount of comments. Quite a strategy eh.

    1. Yeah looking through your content and seeing what your audience enjoys most definitely helps.

      Spammers are awful but they are good at what they do lol.

  9. Spam comments are so annoying! Especially when they start off as ‘Your blog’s amazing’ and then end up saying, “I would love it if you check out my blog.’
    One time I got a comment saying if I could read what the person has posted till now and tell if it’s alright. I mean why would I? I have other things to do!
    I used to use a lot of tags before but after some time I understood it wasn’t a good idea!
    Great post!

    1. Omg I have got some asking me to look through their entire blog and make sure if it’s alright and I’m just like uh no… lol!

      Yeah if you use more than 15 tags WP automatically considers you spam and stops pushing out your content which decreases traffic significantly so too many tags is definitely a bad idea. Thanks!

  10. This was really helpful. These are myths busted now. There are many spam comments – they are generally bots who put up their blog links all over your blog posts. That is annoying at times deleting all such comments.

    1. Thanks! Yeah the bots are extremely annoying because they take up space on my notifications and I miss some actual notifications.

  11. Thanks for the advice. I find myself in a strange position as my blog is primarily focused on one topic. That being horror. So it’s hard to get traction with that one topic. It’s not a topic that garners a great deal of interest from ‘normal’ people. Meaning the crowd is usually just other horror fanatics. Which makes it limited.

    I think the best practice in getting followers or interactions on your blog would be to comment on others posts. But you have to actually read other peoples writings. Don’t simply click and leave a boring comment. I say this because I get few comments. Next to none. But I do get likes and obvious views. What I hate most are likes without comments. I must not be peeking peoples interests. But in return I try to give other writers my full attention and when I comment it isn’t dull or cliche. I try to add to their conversation in hopes that maybe they will extend the courtesy. So far it’s not working. Lol I guess many people don’t have that same mindset.

    Being sincere and reading and commenting with intrigue helps other writers maintain a… certain excitement. It’s great knowing people find your content intriguing.

    1. I think engaging with other content creators is definitely the best way to grow your blog. It make take longer to do but it’s more ethical and you’ll have followers that actually want to engage with your content.

  12. Great advice! This is definitely a bit different from the blogging advice that is found online. Most of the advice is technical and SEO related. At times, a little bit integration with those practices might help but a broader perspective helps us to put out our thoughts as well. And mixing content with topical issues and some topics we might want to write while being true to ourselves is a good way to approach blogging.

    1. Yeah a lot of blogging advice is super technical which is great for some people but some of us aren’t great with tech stuff and just want general advice which is what I’m going for with my advice posts.

  13. These are all incredibly helpful insights. I’ve heard of all these methods before but was hesitant to try them out, thanks for sharing your thoughts on them!

  14. So true….
    I write on varied subjects …anything which catches my imagination… Hardly get any engagement…but doesnt matter…will never use unethical means to get traction…it is so irritating…
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

  15. I have heard two contrary bits of advice on tags. At first I heard you should use a lot of tags. Then I read somewhere else that you should limit tags to three or four or the SEO gods would think you’re a bot. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    1. I have a lot of thoughts on that lol. So I have done a bunch of research on tags on WordPress and their site explicitly says that if you use more than 15 tags your post will pretty much be shadow banned which means it won’t show up on the tags section of the Reader or on searches etc. Using more tags is fine if your primary audience is Search Engines but if not I would recommend sticking to less than 15 tags per post. Using about 10 great tags usually does the trick.

  16. Good post! When I first started I had so many comments that were just people linking back to their own blogs, sometimes with a comment sometimes not. I have pretty routinely deleted them as I’m willing to check out most things and I’ll follow and comment if it feels right but I’m not up for a like for like/ numbers game.

    1. Thanks! I feel the same way- if I enjoy someone’s blog I will check up on it and follow it but I’m not going to follow back or like back just because they did.

  17. I’m ashamed to say that, when I first started blogging, I used to be one of those people that would leave genuine comments with my blog hyperlinked below. It was only because I didn’t understand how gravatar worked yet. After I hovered over a comment and saw that then the info about the commenter’s blog was displayed there, I stopped doing it. And thank goodness! I also feel very lucky that one of the first blog advice posts I was read was from you. I’ll never forget how you wrote: five to ten NON-specific tags. I now have that paragraph that you wrote about the tags saved in my blog workbook and I go back over it and read it before every post to help me with the tags. So truly – thank you.

    1. I understand why you did that and I don’t think it was your fault- you weren’t purposely trying to spam people. It frustrates me when people do it on purpose to spam people. In particular, I have seen really big bloggers with thousands of followers doing this and even recommending to their followers to leave backlinks like that and I found that so horrible.
      I’m so glad my advice has helped you and using 5-10 non-specific tags is still something I do that helps me so much so I definitely stand by that!

      1. Wow, that sounds awful. I can’t believe that they would do that. Some people really are just all about the numbers and the stats and not about respecting others and their work.

        1. Yeah I guess for some people it’s all about the numbers but I feel bad for them because they’re really missing the best parts of blogging.

  18. Ooh, this is how SEO tags work? So, think of terms somebody would search to find your post? Because I’ve had trouble finding relevant blogs or similar posts on a topic. I’ve been using specific tags like “self improvement”, but the results are so much on WordPress that That makes way more sense!

    1. Not sure why I can’t edit my last response. Accidentally sent.

      “The results on WordPress blog discovery weren’t always helpful.” So searching broader tags would help find new blogs and bloggers with similar content. Hm.

      I need to study SEO.

      Thanks for the helpful post!

      1. I think WP doesn’t let you edit comments anymore which is annoying. But yes that’s how tags work- you pretty much just type something you would search on a search engine. Glad this helped and feel free to check out my SEO for dummies posts- they’re written in a way that’s much easier to understand for beginners who don’t know a bunch about SEO already!

  19. As a new blogger, thank you! I’m have never felt its right or necessary to chase numbers, I’ve always believed being authentic will ultimately be the best strategy to gain an audience, but having some good tactics doesn’t hurt either.

  20. your advices are helpful pooja ♥️ …. since the day i started reading your blog traffic is increasing not that much ….but still i m help …thank you for this😍

  21. These are all valid myths. I agree that spamming isnt cool and just to remember your why as you write for the SEO thing can be frustrating Thanks for sharing.

  22. I am a new blogger ,im 21 years old , and i liked it when you mentioned that people must write about things they make them happy and are comfortable with, the thing is people my age think my blog is boring because i use it to Express my feelings and talk about my journey, but i dont care about all that because i know what i want and i will go for it

    What actually prompt me to have a blog is that i have a passion to write books and tell my story,and i thought since a book my take a longer time ,why not try blog instead, it it really works for me so far

    1. Welcome to the blogging world! Yeah I see a lot of people saying that people should blog about trending stuff because that’s what people want to read but I really don’t think that’s true. You just keep doing you and you’ll find the right audience that appreciates your content.

  23. I was speaking to someone on Facebook yesterday when he told me he generates 10k views per month in his blog. And I asked him how he does that, he said he follows all the SEO METHODS. Wuuuph I have never been serious about SEO like yesterday. The roblem is I’ve read every SEO article and watched every tutorial video but I just don’t seem to get it right. I want to put my heart in to learning SEO wholly…even if it means to stop oubkksjkmg content for a while..what do you think??

  24. Hey, when I started my blog and went to look for ways to gain traffic Commenting and leaving link was one of them and I was like shit man it’s so shady you ain’t appreciating the work instead just looking out for your self and had hard feelings and I tried not to do that to anyone 😅🤪 but as you said these myths are in need to be busted for a better wordpress community building.

  25. Thank god I have stirred away from “writing only about popular posts” because it’s truly not worth it. First of all -blogging is all about enjoying what you write and this would come across to the reader when there’s something you wrote from your heart than to follow the trend. Although following trend is good but not always, it exhausts you!

    Love this Pooja -thank you💕 xx

    1. Thank you! I absolutely agree- blogging should be about enjoying what you write. If you just write about trending things it tends to take the fun out of blogging.

  26. I agree with the tags one. Took me a while to figure it out, but one thing that helped, tech issues if too many tags!

        1. They actually do! I was reading some stuff on their site and they made it a point to say that they generally push out posts with fewer tags more and that you should use as few tags as possible for the best results.

  27. Yes I have fallen for a few of these myths and after blogging for awhile I now know better. The folks that leave links are the worse. And they leave a generic comment and then say check me out. UMMMM no thanks! LOL

  28. This is one of the most sound advice I have ever come across. Thank you so much for sharing this. I was feeling a little down lately as my audience is growing rather slowly .But after reading your post I feel a lot better. Like you said, it’s better to grow slowly than unethically.

  29. I’ve heard the one about leaving rubbish comments on someone else’s blog. Over the course of months I’ve learned that I’ll be more appreciated if I engage on topics that I genuinely liked reading… On one hand I don’t only want to comment to get likes on my own post but I want to keep our interactions as real as possible… I’m still new so I’m trying to find the balance. …great post btw you were one of the few blogs that helped me on my blogging

    1. Thanks and good luck with your blog! I think engagement is definitely the key to growing your blog organically and it increases your engagement too. You learn who will engage back when you engage with their blog and you can work with that.

  30. I find it fascinating that we live in a world where we are told that one day the “machines” will take over the world, yet they seem to not be able to handle context within language and need is to spell it out for them by adding meta data.

    1. I’ve never really thought about that but yes very interesting that we have to do that. I guess they’re not going to be taking over any time soon…

  31. I agree about the trending topics. I think that it is important to break free of the beaten path. Don’t get me wrong, trending is fine, but not for everyone. I think it could be great to follow the leader once and a while, to try to gain readers/viewers, but still diverting from saturated topics.

    What exactly is “trending”? The first few blogs, videos, and whatever other media was implemented BEFORE it was “trending”. Keeping that in mind, writing about any topic could be trending at some time but how can it be if no one is writing it?

    Additionally, staying away from trends (or minimizing) give a content creator the ability to nab lost traffic. People might search for a topic that isn’t consuming media and where will they go? to the very few (or maybe, only one) who has written about the non-trending topic.

    Great post by the way. Thank you.

    1. I totally agree with you and that’s why I always think that if you don’t enjoy writing about trending topics you shouldn’t do so. Start something new and you may just find a lot of people who are interested in that. Thanks!

  32. I love this! I’m just starting my blog, and the SEO advice was much needed. I’ll be sure to do a little more research and to include broader keywords as well. As for the back links. I totally agree. Engaging with someone’s blog for the purpose of getting likes and follows is kind of strange to me and I kind of wonder why people like that start a blog at all. Although I guess it may just be my limitations of perceptions as to the possible motivations for starting one. Anyways. This was awesome and I hope to see more like this in the future!

    1. Glad this was helpful! Yeah engaging through spam comments is pretty shady and perhaps blogging isn’t for them but to each their own I guess. I just find it very annoying lol.

  33. I have been a victim of Myth #2. Thank you for your blogging advice, I think more people should read the blogging advice you have put out about patience. All our blogs will grow at different rates and for different reasons.

    1. Thanks! I agree- patience is key. Everyones blog is different and therefore it will grow differently depending on your posts, topics, how you use tags etc.

  34. Gosh I’m one of those blogs that follows everything to the T and yet I see my views and engagement drop with each passing day. I’ve also noticed that I’ve become somewhat stagnant with regards to growing my following. It’s not fun, but it happens.
    Thanks for all the advice, what I understood from this is to just stay true to who I am, hashtag whatever I feel like and hope for the best! 😅

    1. Maybe the following everything to a T is the problem though? This is just a suggestion of course but from what I’ve seen on my own blog following the rules too closely can be damaging too. Sometimes I actually feel like some of those rules are written to sabotage other bloggers. Maybe I’m just paranoid but I feel like as soon as I started ignoring a lot of the blogging “rules” like some of the SEO things my blog grew even faster. End of rant lol!
      But yeah definitely have fun with it and do you!

  35. I have been banging my head around for a long time and not able to understand why I’m not getting much views on my blogs. I came across the myths you talked about too. Thanks for sharing them. I believe I gotta stick to what I like and forget about numbers.

  36. I am very thankful to you this site provide me this useful information to grow my online career
    Obviously i am a blogger so i need this type information for my blogging career

  37. I became interested in blogging back in 2017 and now it’s 2021. While I have yet to create a blog that I deem is successful. Even I have noticed a pattern when it comes to blogging and bloggers giving out advice about successful blogging. I hate to admit it but a lot of bloggers tend not realize that their methods of pageviews is spammy. I learned a couple of things that I found out to be myths is:
    Never write about what your passionate about. Its actually easier to write about things you are currently learning.
    Personally… I hate pinterest because when I go to click on a persons blog and go down to the comments. I see what you mentioned about links but also the reader (who also happens to always be another blogger) say ” Wow! great content.” I know it’s not genuine and that they probably didn’t read the post. There are some different approaches I plan to take with blogging this time because a lot of what these bloggers are saying isn’t really honest and it just gives them pageviews. But thank you for this post!

    1. Yup a lot of the little tips and tricks are just about spamming other blogs and although that may work for a little while it is not an effective method to grow your blog on the long run. Ethical ways to grow your blog take a little longer but are more worth it as they also increase your traffic and engagement. Good luck with your blog and thanks for reading the post!

  38. I started my blog to write poems and other fictional works. While I used pinterest for driving traffic into my blog, I found that there’s not too much going on in my niche. I felt incredibly happy when I read you saying that it is ok to be in a niche which is not trending and which people usually don’t blog about. Thank you for writing this.

    1. Yeah some niches just have a very specific audience so it’s not very big but honestly that’s okay. As long as your content is great your audience will find you.

  39. Thank you for this post. I actually have been trying to learn about blogging, it has been years since I blogged and so much has changed. I haven’t seen these tips, so I am relieved to not have tried them unsuccessfully. It is, however, really difficult to get it right in the beginning. I guess it is part of the journey. I will check out what other goodies you have here. Thanks 🙂

    1. Yeah blogging definitely changes a lot over time. Hope this will help you avoid these mistakes and I hope you find my other advice posts helpful too!

  40. I’m so glad I found this post! I HAVE been doing some research about how best to increase readership and SO many sites recommend Writing about trending topics – it was discouraging because I have no interest in doing that whatsoever. Like You, I Write about whatever I feel like Writing about and believe that having a unique voice is far more valuable than trying to compete with other bloggers on trending topics (especially those who already have a dedicated following). I’m still not having a lot of success driving traffic to My Blog, but I really don’t work on it as much as I should and I still Love Writing. If I ever lost My Love for Writing, it wouldn’t matter how many followers of views I receive, it would be meaningless.

    I think this Blog Post is very valuable, sound advice and it was refreshing to hear. Your advice is always on point. ALWAYS. 😉

    Blessings, looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yes, please keep writing in your own voice. Everyone always writes on trending topics already. Having a unique voice helps you stand out. And it’s what helped me grow as I am sure it will help you.

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