Six Word Story #117

Eccentric genius or a bumptious moron?

Today’s Word:


1. presumptuously, obtusely, and often noisily self-assertive

More about the word. 

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72 thoughts on “Six Word Story #117

  1. They will find out after the honeymoon is over. Not the marriage, but when the initial infatuation of meeting wears off. 😂

        1. Lol that’s okay- as you may have noticed from most of my six word stories I’m not extremely optimistic about love/marriage myself.

            1. I don’t think being single is necessarily sad- a lot of people enjoy their own company. I also don’t think relationships are for everyone and sometimes being single is just better.

              1. I do like my own company! Single has saved me lots of money and sanity. I always end up feeling trapped at some point in any relationship.

                1. I know the feeling. I’ve always been a very independent person and I enjoy spending time on my own so if I’m in a relationship I feel suffocated after a while if we spend too much time together.

  2. He sat Cross-legged taking two seats on the train (My friend called it BS ! , and I thought with a smile, it could stand for Bumptious Style)

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